Tripp & Chloe's Five On Friday: No. 002

Tripp & Chloe's Five On Friday: No. 002


Guys! We can't believe it's already time for our second monthly column here on the blog!. We have been so busy. Mom and dad got us new beds, but we haven't slepts in them yet. We had to get our nails twimmed first and we're getting our baths this weekend and we have to gets some more tweats for twaining. We're not sure how this is going to work and neither is mama, but dad is determined. We also got new retwactable leashes so we are hoping that means more walks in our futures. We loves to walk! As you can see, Chloe kept getting distwacted while we were twying to writes this yesterday, but we finally gots it done. Here's what's been going on with us latelys!

Tripp: Guys, my allergies have been so bad the last month, but I thinks they are almost better. I was scwatching and scwatching and scwatching! No one could sleep I was scwatching so much! I started taking two Benadryl's in the morning and at nights and my life is much betters. I weally like taking Benadwyl's because mama hides it in a piece of Turkey. It's almost worth having all the allergies. Chloe gets a piece of turkey too even though she doesn't have allergies. Also, for some weasons, I don't like being outside anymores. Mama keeps twying to get me to go play out there, but I just stand at the door and cwies and cwies. But don't tell anyone I told you guys that! She twies to twick me by going out there with us and than slipping quietly backs in the house once I get distwacted, but I am way smarter than that. I always figure out what she's doing. Just because I'm smart, does not mean I likes to cooperate, but i'm still a sweet boy. At least, that's what mama says. 


Chloe: Guys, Tripp can be such a baby sometimes! He doesn't likes to pway outside anymores but I loooooves it. I just go out there and digs and digs and chews on bwanches and bark at the neighbors annoying dogs. Daddy really hates that I dig, but he's pweety much given up on getting me to stops for now. At least when I digs, I'm not eating the couch cushions. Oh yeah, that reminds me, I've eaten two more since the last time we's talked. I also ate one of mama's magazines. I think she was more mad about that than the cushions because she wuvs magazines and she hadn't even wead that one yet. I also chewed the corner of her journal. I just loves her so much that I wants to be a part of everything she does. We did lose our living woom pwivleges when its just us at the house now, though. I haven't started eating the bed yet, so we still gets to go in there and mama puts all our blankets and toys in the hallway to have while she's gone. Oh, and we also got our nails twimmed last night. Even though I was scared, I sat quietly while mama held me and daddy twimmed them, but Tripp was a whole other story. He's usually bwave, but when it comes time to get his nails twimmed? Big baby.     

IMG_20171004_144219 copy.jpg

Here's our Fwiday Five! Hopes you guys enjoy!

  1. Our mama is twying to lose weight and be healthy and she's sharing it all on her personal Instagram if you guys want to follow a long!
  2. Daddy got us these huge bones, and we've been chewing on them for a week or two now. We loves them and sometimes fight over them. We even got a pumpkin spice one for fall! 
  3. These are our new dog beds we're trying out. They're orthopedic whatever that means! We'll let you guys know next month how we like them.
  4. Mama said that Tripp was having weeeally bad breath, so we got some of these tweats, and guess what guys? No more stinky breath!
  5. We totally thinks that mama should commission some pet portraits of us to hang in the big gallery she has planned for the foyer, or maybe even two large ones above the fireplace. What do you guys think? She recently learned about this artist through Instagram who does them and they're pretty sweet! 

Whew! We are exhausted now guys! We'll see you again next month. Have a great Novembers