Why We Chose to Move 7 Months After Buying Our First House

Finally! Finally, I can share with you guys why things have been so quiet here on the blog lately! I’ve been dying to share this news with you all, but we had to wait on the right timing.

Just 7 short months after we bought our first house, we have decided to pack up and move. Crazy. I know.

The most common thing we’ve heard since sharing the news with friends and family that we’re moving is “But you just bought a house!” We also grappled with the fact that we’d just bought a house, especially Kendall. I mean that’s no small investment. But in the end we both agreed that a house was not a good enough reason to hold us back from our goals and the life we really wanted to pursue. 

Why We Chose to Move 7 Months After Buying Our First House

We knew from the beginning that this was a short term house for us. I said 2-3 years and Kendall said 3-5. Even though we absolutely love our house and neighborhood we intentionally bought this house to fix it up to either rent or resale down the road. We just didn’t know the road was going to be so short.

So, why are we moving so quickly? The reason is two-fold.

Sometime early this summer, after a lot of thinking and researching, Kendall decided he was ready to make a career change. We’re really grateful for the job and company he’s worked for these past 2 years. As his wife, I’ve seen him grow a lot and become more confident in his skills through the opportunities this job provided and that’s been really cool. But it wasn’t a career that he wanted to pursue for the rest of his life. We figured that If he was going to make a career change than maybe we should consider moving as well. We wanted to be in a place that was strategic for his new career choice and would connect him with the most people.

Why We Chose to Move 7 Months After Buying Our First House

In addition to making a strategic career move, we also wanted to find a place that we wanted to settle down in long term. Living just outside of Charlotte, NC has been okay. Kendall’s liked it more than me, but when it came down to it, it’s not where either of us wanted to be for the long haul.

We listed out several cities that we thought might be good options for us. Some were close to family because we’re not super close to either right now, and some we were just interested in or thought might be good for what Kendall wants to do. We started doing our research and making lists of pros and cons on each city, and in the end, we both kept coming back to Greenville, SC.

Why We Chose to Move 7 Months After Buying Our First House

Kendall’s long term goal is to start working with college students to help them find what they’re good at and passionate about and than act as a match maker between them and potential employers to help them find a job and company they can grow and excel in after college instead of just taking whatever job they can get and hating their lives for their first few years in the job market. He believes that by doing that, people’s lives will be better, companies will be more productive and profitable, and the work force will be stronger. (p.s.. I’m super proud of my man and the vision he has)

One of the reasons we kept coming back to Greenville is that there are several colleges and universities in the local area and in surrounding cities as well. There’s just so many close together and we didn’t know of another city like that. We also have several connections in Greenville that will help encourage and pave the way.

Why We Chose to Move 7 Months After Buying Our First House

We also kept coming back to Greenville because we both love it. We’re both small town country kids. It’s been cool living outside of a large city for a couple of years, but really it’s not us. We missed some of that small town vibe and love all the arts and culture and the laid back vibe in Greenville. We’ve also not been as active outdoors here and we’ve both missed that as well. Hiking was a regular part of our lives in Greenville and we’re hoping to add camping and maybe kayaking to that eventually.

Since we knew we’d be moving, renovating the house has been on hyper drive. If I’m not at my nanny job I’ve been mudding, sanding, or painting and Kendall’s been working on other repairs and improvements. Hence the reason for the lack of blog posts. I have been taking pictures, though and can’t wait to share some before’s and after’s with you guys once we get settled into our new home. This blog feels like an extension of me and I’ve really missed sharing with you all!

Why We Chose to Move 7 Months After Buying Our First House

It’s been so amazing for me to see how God has been working out the details little by little. Things are not all completely sorted out yet, but they’re getting there. I keep picturing a stone path being laid, and each stone is laid right as we need to take our next step. It’s a little nerve wracking sometimes because I like security and having answers to all my questions but God is growing my faith and trust in Him and Kendall through this whole process. We’ve both just had this settled peace inside of us that this is what we’re supposed to do and we’re on the right path.

We both know that probably things are going to to get a little harder before they get better once we’re there, but we’re excited for the adventure and we’re also excited to bring you guys along with us.

We’ll be moving back into the first house we rented when we first got married, and I’m looking forward to the challenge of decorating a rental and sharing with you all how you can make a rental almost if not just as cozy and pretty as your own home.

Why We Chose to Move 7 Months After Buying Our First House

I’m hoping to come back later, and share more of the details of how God has been working all this out even before Kendall told me he was ready to make a career switch but this post is too long already.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks so much for reading! Now, I’ve got some packing and painting to finish up. Our move out date is the 19th and we have to have the house finished by the first of December. So if you need me, I’ll be the blur running around with a paint brush, splattered clothes, and a messy bun.