Why This Room Works

Grey and Taupe Living Room

Although this living room isn't exactly my style per say, there's some really great design elements we can pull out of it to apply to our own homes. Plus the point of this series isn't just to showcase rooms and spaces that I love and are my style, but to showcase a range of rooms and styles and help you see why they work to inspire and give you ideas that you can carry over into your home. 


  • This room has a very relaxed, casual, traditional cottage feel to it. It looks like the kind of place you want to come plop down and watch some tv or sit and have some coffee and a chat with a friend. So what are the elements that give it that vibe?

Color Scheme

  • All neutrals and pastels in this space give it a very relaxed and calm feel. 


  • The plump sofa sectional gives a very casual and comfortable vibe. The plump sofa cushions keep this piece form being formal. You could definitely take a comfortable and cozy nap here!
  • The grey tufted ottoman keeps the space feeling very soft as well. There's not a whole lot of hard surfaces in this space. It also can be used for additional seating if need be and gives people a place to prop their feet.
  • The end tables are the only hard surface and the lattice pattern between the legs really is one of the main elements that give this space its cottage feel. 


  • The pillows on the sofa are  a mix of matching and unmatched. This keeps the space casual and also adds some visual interest to this all neutral space. The light blue and lavender touches add some soft touches of color without demanding too much attention, and the floral pattern contributes to the cottage vibe. This space is meant to be a calm oasis and brighter accent pillows would have infused it with more energy. 
  • The grey throw ties the ottoman in with the sofa and the check throw adds to the cottage feel, especially when combined with the floral pattern of the pillows.
  • The rug separates this space from the rest of the room and keeps with the neutral theme. The texture adds some visual interest to the space. Texture is one of the most important elements to think about when working with an all neutral space. Your eye needs some places to land, and texture gives that.

Gallery Wall

  • I love me a good gallery wall! My favorite thing about this one is that it is all family images, giving the space a very personal feel. The black and white photos keep in theme with the neutral space. Color photos could have easily clashed with the feel of the space here. Also, if pulling together a completely eclectic and randomly arranged gallery wall scares the heck out of you, this wall proves that a perfectly symmetrical wall can be beautiful too!

Plants and Flowers

  • Every space should have them, even if they are fake. Just make sure they're good fakes ;) The hydrangea on the tray adds a touch of color and life as well as does the tree peaking into the right side of the frame.

What I would do differently

  • I would have used a larger more colorful rug. Although I love neutrals, this space is a little too neutral for me. I would pull in a rug that either incorporates the lavender or light blue of the the pillows. It would still keep the calm of the room, but just add a little more color and visual interest. Here's a couple that I found that I thought would work well in the space. I like how the lattice patter on the end tables is repeated in these rugs.
Cambridge Lavender/Ivory Area Rug by Wayfair
Eloise Rug by Wayfair
  • This space also feels a little too cool for me. I love for a space to have an element of warmth. I'd probably try to infuse that through wooden end tables which would also complement the wooden legs of the ottoman and couch
  • And lastly, I'd probably use a wooden tray instead of a white one on the ottoman to add a little more warmth and tie in the end tables and legs. Design elements almost always look better in groups of three. 

What do you love about this space or what would you do differently? I'd love hear your thoughts!

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