Why I Love White Walls

Happy Monday, peeps! Last week I shared with you a short video by Benjamin Moore on their color choice for 2016, Simply White. (You can view it here). I love that they chose white. It is my absolute most favorite color. This week I wanted to talk about white a little bit more, so I’ve got three posts planned out to share with you on the subject. I want to share with you why I love white, share a little bit more about why Benjamin Moore chose it as their color of the year, and than offer some hopefully helpful tips on how to decorate around white walls to make them feel warm and inviting instead of cold and stark.

To get this little mini series on white started, here are three reasons why I love white so much.

No. 1: It feels clean and uncluttered.

I don’t know about you, but life often feels cluttered. There are always a thousand things to do and a million thoughts to think. Traffic is crazy, and people are always in a rush, and when you live and work in a space, it’s bound to get a little messy. To me, white just makes some of that clutter and noise disappear and calms me down. Done right, it’s like taking in a breath of fresh mountain air.

Image via:   Brit+Co

Image via: Brit+Co

Image via:   Pure Deco

Image via: Pure Deco

No. 2: It is versatile.

Another reason white is my favorite color is that it’s versatile. It’s the one color I never get tired of. I can add colorful furniture and accessories to liven up the space, but if I get tired of those things they are easy to switch out, at least the accessories are, maybe not the furniture so much. J I love the flexibility that white gives because I am always wanting to change things up a bit.

Image via:   Remodelista

Image via: Remodelista

Image via:   Remodalista

Image via: Remodalista

No. 3: It is simple elegance.

I’ve always loved simplicity in design and how beautiful and elegant it can be, and white lends itself well to this. It doesn’t shout at you when you walk into a room. White is like one of those people you meet who can make a statement without saying anything. There is power and impact in subtlety.

Image via:   Bliss at Home

Image via: Bliss at Home

Those are the reasons I love white so much. What about you? I’d love to hear why you love white in the comments below!