Why Benjamin Moore Chose Simply White as 2016's Color of the Year

This is day 2 of my little mini series on the color white. You can see yesterday's post here on why I love white walls so much.

Today I wanted to share a few highlights from this short clip that Benjamin Moore put together on their choice of Simply White for their 2016 color of the year. A lot of their reasons were similar to the reasons that I love white, but a couple were different. :)

No. 1: Research and Trend

In the beginning of this short film, they state that their color choice was chosen after research and attendance at trend shows, so their color choices are not chosen arbitrarily. Side note, I'd like to know how you get to be one those ladies doing the research and choosing the color. Seems like kind of a cool job! I love the interesting shapes of these white dishes with that subtle gold rim!

No. 2: White showcases form

I found this reason very interesting. It's something I hadn't thought about before. White is common in architecture and art because of how it exhibits shadows, darks, and lights, highlighting the form of a building or object such as in this amazing palace below.

Image via: Flickr

No. 3: Sophisticated and classic

Like I was saying in yesterday's post, there is a simple, uncluttered sophistication with white. Like a little black dress, it is a classic and will never go out of style. There's a reason in fashion that a white t-shirt and jeans is universally loved, and why hotels and spas almost always use white sheets and towels. How amazing is this entry way. Those paneled walls are to die for! 

Image via: Home Bunch

No. 4: It's versatile

We also touched on this a little bit yesterday. White gives you so many options when decorating. If you are someone who doesn't like to make a huge commitment to color, than white walls can be for you. There are an unlimited number of ways you can dress and warm white walls up with texture and color through furniture and accessories. I love how the rug, wood, floors, gallery wall, and the different colored sconces all add warmth and  character to what could have been a cold and boring hallway.

Image via: My Domaine

No. 5: It's honest and pure

I love this reason. I love white because of how crisp and clean it makes a space feel. White doesn't hide the dirt and the grime. So many life lessons here, but that's not what we're about today, so I'll stick to the point. Though, white may not always be the safest or best choice, there are endless ways you can incorporate it into your interior to bring a touch of that crispness into your space.  This space may be a little too white for me, it does look pretty calming, and clean. ;)

Image via: Domino

I'm hoping to be back tomorrow with some practical and helpful tips for decorating with white walls that can help you add character and warmth to your home.