Weekend Round Up No. 2

It is another rainy weekend here in South Carolina! Here is weekend round number two. I'd love to know what you all like doing on your rainy weekends! 

Something to Eat

We all know how huge football is here in the South. And although I'm more of a baseball girl, these Cuban Sliders will make a perfect meal or snack for the game if you and your family will be watching it. And lemme tell ya. the guys love these, so you'll be earning wife/mom/girlfriend/friend/whatever points if you serve these up ;) You can find the recipe here.

Something to Make

I love these beautiful gold leaves and how they're framed! You can find how to make these and a bunch of other diy's over at DIO Home Improvements.

Something to Read

I don't remember how I first heard of Katie Davis and her ministry, Amazima, but I was in college at the time, and she has always left a huge impression me. Because of her, I considered going to Africa for a while to serve, but God had other plans for my life. I'd still like to go someday, and it was exciting for me when we joined our church last year to find out so many in our congregation had lived and served over in Africa and that we supported families that are currently there. I followed Katie through her blog for awhile, and when her book came, out I had to read it. It was every bit as moving as her blog and helped me see the complete story of her work with orphans. She moved to Africa to live in her early twenties and adopted several children not long after. If you want to see some amazing work that God is doing through someone who is whole heartedly committed to Him and the people she serves, you need to read Katie's story. I promise you, you will be convicted and moved. You can read Katie's blog here.

Something to Watch

One of my friends mentioned that she had watched this documentary she found through Netflix, and I finally set down to watch it yesterday. Located in Seol, Korea, Pastor Lee, who is in his sixties now, and his wife take in abandoned babies most of whom are disabled and care for and raise them themselves. Their ministry grew from having a son who is severely disabled. I was amazed at how though they already had so much on their plate raising a severely disabled child, that they had the heart and the bravery to take in more children with complicated disabilities. They are doing so much with so little and it was truly convicting. You'll want to watch this when you don't have tons of distractions, because you have to read the captions when they're talking with the pastor and his family and the volunteers who help them out. It is well worth the watch though,  and you will need tissues.  

Someone to Follow

I've recently started following Lindsay over on her blog The White Buffalo Styling Co.. I feel connected with Lindsay through her blog because she's answered a question that I've always struggled with and that is: Is design, and decorating, and art and all that stuff really worthwhile? Does it matter? And can I make a difference with it? In her own words Lindsay says. 

I now realize that pursuing my love of design is glorifying the One who created beauty.  I believe that it praises Him to create beautiful moments in our homes and our lives that celebrate what we’ve been given.

Our missions are very similar. Lindsay says that hers is to create a life of style and purpose, while mine is to cultivate and create a simple and beautiful life of passion and purpose. 

I especially enjoyed her post from August on 15 Inspiring kitchens. Below are three of the images that drew my eye. You can see the rest of them here.

Image via:   Dwell

Image via: Dwell

Image via:   Country Living

Image via: Country Living

Image via:   Country Living

Image via: Country Living

If you want to check out last weekend's round up, you can see it here! Hope you all have a great weekend. Let me know what you're up to in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to the mailing list to keep up with the latest!