Three Things I'm Loving Right Now

A while back I was sharing Weekend Roundups here on the blog. I kind of quit doing them after a few times because I felt like I was scrounging stuff up at the last minute that I may or may not have been really excited about.

I want to be genuine with everything I do here on the blog, so for that reason I backed off. I've been listening to Jamie Ivey's podcast, The Happy Hour, on my workouts and one of the things she always asks her guests at the end of the show is "What are three things you are loving right now?" 

I thought that would be more fun to share with you guys and decided to adopt that idea instead for the blog. I probably won't have a post every Saturday, but whenever I have three things that I'm genuinely loving and am excited about, I'll hop on here and share them with you guys! 

I'd love it if you'd join in and share three things your loving in the comments as well!

1. The Gilmore Girls

I'll admit, the first time I tried watching this show was with Kendall when it first came out on Netfilx, and I thought it was kind of dumb.. After he was sufficiently embarrassed that he'd told me he'd secretly always liked this show and always thought Rory was cute, we quit watching. Well, here we are months later and I can't stop watching it! I turned it on to have some noise in the background while I was working, and I'm not sure how it happened, but I'm hooked. 

I mean, Luke and Lorelai are finally together, but is Dean completely out of the picture for Rory? Is she really gonna stick with this stupid Logan guy? I mean, he's cute, but come on, Dean was so nice! And is Rory ever going back to school or is she just going to live in her grandparents pool house from now on? And when are she and her mother going to make up? I mean Luke and Lorelai need to make a baby, and they can't wait forever.

Whitney Donáe- 3 Things I'm Loving Right Now: The Gilmore Girls

2. Addison's Wonderland.

Brittaney Hayes is one of my favorite bloggers. She and her husband just recently bought an old home that had been completed gutted. They're calling it they're "Historic Wonderland." Brittany is going to be making videos of the process as they go along, and it's so much fun to follow! You can see her first video here and the second one here

Whitney Donáe- 3 Things I'm Loving Right Now:  Addison's Wonderland

3. White Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love, love, love white chocolate. I let Kendall pick between milk chocolate chip cookies or white chocolate chip cookies when I was making some for some friends we had over one night and he chose the white chocolate. All of sudden I had hearts in my eyes and butterflies in my stomach again for him. My kind of man. I'm addicted now, to the man and the white chocolate chip cookies. I just used Nestle's recipe which you can get here, and substituted the white chips for the milk chocolate ones. 

Whitney Donáe- Three Things I'm Loving Right Now: White Chocolate Chip Cookies

What are three things you're loving right now? I'd love to hear and you join in the fun in the comments!