The Shortt House Hunt: Placing Bids and Closing My Eyes

A couple of weeks ago, we placed a bid on a cute little house with an arched doorway and front deck that was perfect for grilling out. I could totally see this house with a French country flair mixed with some colonial and a touch of modern midcentury to keep it fresh. I had the color scheme pretty much picked out and ready to go. It was one of those things where I saw a picture on Pinterest and the ideas just started flooding in. 

We offered way lower than the seller was asking because (A) the house needed quite a bit of work and it looked like there might have been some pretty serious issues such as water damage, mold, and foundation problems and (B) we were hoping either he would miraculously take our offer (we'd been told he was pretty motivated to sell) or come up to a price we were willing to pay.

With our first bid, we didn't even get a response. I was kind of afraid when we put that bid in that we'd offend the seller, and I'm not sure, but maybe we did. After a couple of days and not hearing anything back we upped our bid and let the seller know we hoped we hadn't offended him and that we were first time home buyers and just wanted to make sure we were making a good investment. Still crickets. I was really leery of Kendall's strategy here, but was trying to trust him on it. He's way better at the sales and haggling part of things, and I also figured if it was a really terrible strategy, our realtor would have said something.

After a couple of days, we'd kind of given up hearing anything back and started looking at other places. I pulled up behind the realtor at another house a few days later and she got out of the car and told me she'd just heard back from the seller with a counter. Although we understood why he countered at the price did, we still didn't feel comfortable paying that much with some of the issues we saw and knew would cost quite a bit to fix.

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We ended up placing a bid on the other house we looked at that day. Again, we came  in low, but not as drastically as we did with our first bidding experience. This house was in a lot better shape and the neighborhood was also more mature and a little bit nicer. 

We placed our bid on Friday afternoon and the realtor gave the seller a two hour window to respond. We didn't hear anything back all weekend but didn't really expect to. The two hour window was really just a strategy to apply a little pressure to the seller and let them know wer we wanted to move on this thing. Buying and selling is all just one big game. It was still hard to wait though, and I think we were both constantly checking our email for an update. Monday, we got a reply with a counter.

We talked and the seller had come right up to where Kendall wanted to be on price. Told you that guy was smart ;) So shaking a little in our boots, we accepted the offer.

I wish I could say we were ecstatic and excited, but I think we were both more scared and nervous. I mean, buying a house is a lot of moolah and a really huge step!

Now don't get me wrong, I am excited and I've already got plans and ideas. Those things never stop. ;) We just really want to make sure we're making a good investment for our future, but there's rarely an investment without risks, so we're just trying to make as calculated a risk as possible and be wise with what God has given us. 

And since we've accepted an offer, I'm closing my eyes for now to any other houses out there. I keep wanting to jump on the computer and make sure we're not missing a better house or a better deal, but unless something falls through with the inspection process we're going with this thing, and I can't have my eyes and heart wondering. It ain't good for life, marriage, or home buying. So with eyes fixed straight ahead, I'll let you guys know what happens! 

Oh, and if anyone wants to send me 5 mil for one of these lake houses, I'd be okay with that. ;)

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