The Shortt House Hunt: Finding the Right Realtor

When we first started house hunting, one of the pieces of advice we received was to find a realtor that we felt completely comfortable with and could walk into a house and say “Ew, we hate this.” Or “Show me the contract.”

Well, we kind of got set up with our first realtor by accident. It was like one of those dates you go on and think “Oh, he’s nice.” But he really doesn’t communicate very well during the date or afterwards. But than, for some reason, you decide to give him another chance and go on a second date. Maybe the first time was just the awkward getting-to-know-you date and this time will be better and he’ll be more interested. But, nope.

After date number two and no real communication, you decide to move on because. . .

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!-Original

Yeah. That’s how it was. Our realtor was nice enough in person, but she just didn’t show any real interest or care. We decided to give another realtor a try, and let me tell you, the difference has been like night and day.

Our new realtor met with us at an actual office and walked us through the typical process and estimated procedural costs of buying a home. Our first realtor gave us no information whatsoever and we felt like we were shooting blindfolded in the dark. Also, our new realtor was excited and enthusiastic and has been in constant communication with us ever since whereas our other realtor never showed any real enthusiasm and barely ever communicated with us.

At this point I don’t think we’d go to anybody else and she’ll definitely be someone we recommend.

Although we did feel like we could be honest with the other realtor, she just didn’t seem to care. So my humble advice as a first time homebuyer is to find not only someone you’re comfortable with but someone who is genuinely interested in helping you out and cares about her job.

Believe me, it makes all the difference.