William Wallace Fennell House: Intro and First Floor Tour

Oh my gosh, guys! I am both terrified and ecstatic to be sharing some video with you today. Terrified because I do not like being on camera and you can completely tell how nervous I was and ecstatic because I have the chance to share the restoration of a beautiful historical gem in our home town.

William Wallace Fennell House Restoration Intro

Kendall and I came across the Fennell House when we were out looking at houses to buy, and I made him stop by it several times just so I could look at it. I love historical, old homes and have dreamed of restoring one since I was at least an early teenager.

I finally got up my nerve to reach out to Mr. Russell Frase, the owner and man behind the restoration, to see if he would be interested in letting me blog about the restoration. I wanted to share the journey with you guys, and after talking with Russ, I wanted a way for people in our community here to follow along and get excited about the project as well.

Russell Frase, the man standing next to me in the video, bought this home to save a piece of Rock Hill's history from demolition and has been working for several years at restoring it. It is a slow process, but we all know that anything worth while takes a lot of time and love. 

I'm going to let Russ share some of the history of the home in the intro video as it is ingrained him and he can share it better than anyone and than we'll start with a tour of the first floor. 

I'll be back tomorrow to post the tours of the second floor and basement. 

I can't even express to you guys how excited I am about getting to share this restoration with you!

The house is up for sale, so if you have any questions about the home or know of anyone who is interested in purchasing a historical home, or if you'd just like to donate to the project, let me know and I can get you in contact with Mr. Frase.


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