Shibori Wallpaper Inspiration

A few days ago I was checking a wallpaper source from another blog I was reading and came across the first image below. It stopped me in my tracks. Now, I've been on the shibori/indigo bandwagon with everyone else and have experimented doing some of my own shibori and indigo diy's with. (You can see my indigo shibori wall art diy tutorial here.) I love the natural, rich, and organic dyes and patterns of indigo and shibori, and I hadn't seen it used as a wallpaper yet. I looooove the drama of it. I've been trying to figure out if I can fit it into the design plan for our house, but so far it's just not clicking. Maybe the next house. ;) OR If any of you want to be bold and daring and give this look a shot, hit me up!  I would love to help someone incorporate one of these amazing shibori wallpapers into their home! 

via:  Shibori

via: Shibori

via:  Scion

via: Scion

via:  My Domaine
via:  Uncovet

via: Uncovet

As you can see, Spoonflower has a TON of options for shibori wallpaper, but Milton & King, though they have fewer options are no less beautiful. What do you think? Would you give one of these papers a try in your home?