Thrifty Thursday Finds and A Question for You Guys

So, I didn't find these things on Thursday, but thrifty Thursday has a better ring to it than thrifty Saturday or thrifty Tuesday. Plus, today is Thursday so. . .#thriftythurday. 

I love thrift shopping for home goods and looking for those pieces that are old or unusual or that you can get an amazing bargain on. (For instance, that huge basket was only 12 bucks and I'm going to put a plant in it. Big plant holders like that can be pricey!)

We went last Saturday just to check out some of the thrift shops in Rock Hill and Charlotte and see what kind of goods they had since that's what Kendall asked to do on his birthday. (Example of one of the reasons I married him.) I saw the green directors chair and floral painting you see in the pics below, but only ended up purchasing the candlesticks. I couldn't get the chair or the painting out of my mind so I went back to look at them again on Tuesday and brought them home along with too much other stuff. These little things may be junk to some people and can easily become clutter but done right they make such great styling pieces for your home and add so much personality and character. Most of the images you see in magazines or on blogs are styled and a lot of them use pieces from thrift stores and flea markets.

Buuuuttt, since I don't need all this stuff for myself, and I love shopping for and buying it, I've been tossing around an idea for awhile now and wanted to see what you guys think. So, here goes.

I'm considering opening a small shop up here on the blog for when I find some great pieces at a good price. I know not everyone has a ton of time to browse thrift shops or maybe isn't sure exactly what to look for, or maybe doesn't like the search, so that's where I would come in. It'd be a win win. I get to search for, shop, and buy home decor and you get to buy pretty things from the comfort of your couch at an affordable price. 

What do you think? Would you guys be interested? Let me know in the comments and in the mean time look at some of the great little treasures I found! 

I'm planning on making pillows with these textiles I found.

I never thought I'd say this, but brass is back. I loved the tarnished, muted brass of these pieces.

I'm seeing brass candlestick everywhere, and I loved the shape of these with their simple, clean lines and the round bulb at the the top makes them a little different than all the others I've come across. They would look great styled on a mantle, coffee table, or even a bookcase.

I almost left the store without these little urns, but didn't want to make a third trip back in one week. I think they would look great on a buffet or entry table with some topiary's planted in them or paper whites in the winter time.

This little gem was just different and would make a fun accent hung in the kitchen.

Wood and natural materials are also very popular right now. This checkerboard and twine ball would look great in a neutral space. I see them styled against a white or black bookshelf. 

And this painting, I just loved the vibrant hues in it. I think I'll remove the glass to let more of it's texture shine through. I'm considering painting our bedroom in a deep, rich green and using all white linens, and I think this piece will really pop in the space. We shall see. ;) Don't forget to let let me know what you guys think about the shop idea!