Dining Rug DIY Inspiration and Tutorials

As promised, I'm back today to share my ideas and a couple of tutorials that are fueling my creative, diy juices for a rug for our dining area. Yesterday, I shared the four rugs below. Although, I've considered taking the plunge for one, I don't want to invest in a rug that won't fit well into a space once we purchase a house.  To me, a rug is a big commitment and investment.

Rug Collage

I love mixing old and new in my decorating and all of these rugs lend themselves well to that. 

Let's start about by talking about the colorful rug. The only colorful one I chose. Ha! Can you tell I like neutrals much?

Rug source:   Ikea

Rug source: Ikea

I love this rug because of the color it would add to our space, and I also love the texture of the design. I think it would create a lot of visual interest without being too busy. This rug is from one of my favorite places on earth, also known as, IKEA

To recreate this look for less, I'm considering sewing several smaller rugs together to create a larger area rug. NellieBellie blog has a great tutorial on how to do this. I'm considering using these smaller rugs from (yup you guessed it) IKEA, which are $6.99 a piece, but I'm going to look around some some more. NellieBellie found her rugs for a $1.99 and ended up with a $20 area rug when all was said and done. Ah-mazing! (click here for the link to her tutorial)

Rug source:   IKEA

Rug source: IKEA

And than, we have all my black and white rugs. I love them! 

Rug sources:   Rugs USA  ,   IKEA  ,   West Elm

Rug sources: Rugs USA, IKEA, West Elm

I love these rugs because of the black and white and the contrast they would add to the space. I also love their versatility. They'll go with so much. I'm considering using this plain area rug from Ikea as my base unless I can find a cheaper option somewhere else. I'm still shopping around. 

Rug source:   IKEA

Rug source: IKEA

Homemade by Carmona has a tutorial on her blog of these rugs that she painted below. If I don't end up doing this for under the dining table, you can bet your boots, I'll be doing this somewhere else in the apartment. I love how hers turned out, and they're getting me really excited to attempt this diy!

Image via:   Homemade by Carmona

I'll admit, that a diy rug wasn't exactly thrilling my soul, but after seeing hers, I realize how pretty they can actually be! What do you think? I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below! 

Rug Ideas for Our Dining Area

I love rugs. Like, reeeeeally love them. To me, a great rug is like a piece of art for your floor. They define and separate spaces and add warmth, texture, and color. But, they are so dang expensive!

I really want a rung to put under our dining room table to help separate it from the living room space, but I'm not wanting to spend a lot of money for one since we're in an apartment and plan to move towards a house in the next couple of years. I don't mind investing in something nice for the apartment if I know it's something I can carry over with me when we move, but since I don't know what kind of dining area we'll have when we move or how much light the space will get, which determines the size and shade of rug I would get, I want to keep costs down. 

I will probably be going the diy route unless I find a really amazing deal, but I'm excited to see what I can come up with. Below are some of the rugs I'm looking at for inspiration.

I love the black and white of these rugs and think they would create some nice contrast in the space. I also like the geometric patterns. I think the geometric would be easy to do on a diy level with some tape and paint.

Rug Source:   Ikea

Rug Source: Ikea

Rug Source:   West Elm

Rug Source: West Elm

Rug Source:   Rugs USA

Rug Source: Rugs USA

I also love this rug and the global feel it can give to the space. Although, I really like the colors, I'm not sure if it would be be too busy in our small space. I would recreate this look by sewing some smaller rugs together, which would cost me about $70 dollars less than buying this one. 

Rug Source:   Ikea

Rug Source: Ikea

I'm putting a digital design board together to share with you soon, so you can get a better idea of how I'm pulling this space together and get an idea of the big picture. 

Which rug has your vote? I'd love to hear your opinion and also if you know of any great rug diy tutorials, please share them in the comments below! 

I'll be back tomorrow to share a couple of ideas and tutorials that are fueling my creative juices for a diy rug!