plank ceiling

Why This Room Works: Farmhouse Bedroom

This image seems to be all over Pinterest  and the blogging world lately, so I thought it'd be fun to break down what makes it such a great space and ways you can incorporate some of the look into your own home.  


  • We're dealing with an all neutral space here that gives the room a very calm and relaxing feel. Browns, whites, creams, some grays, and touches of gold all blend together to create a warm and inviting feel. I usually love a pop of color in a space to add some life, but this room doesn't really need it. The rich brown tones of the bed pillow, basket, and coverlet add that color that my eye is always searching for.


  • The rich, brown tones that we just mentioned also give the contrast that keep this space feeling alive and from feeling to bland or cold.


Where do you even start? it is all over this room. When creating a neutral space, it is so important to incorporate texture to keep your space interesting and alive. It helps infuse the energy in a room when dealing with a lack of color. Textural elements include:

  • The Ceiling: Aren't those wood planks gorgeous and amazing? They also add an unexpected element because it is not something you see everyday.
  • The bedding: The bedding is heavily layered here with the sheets and three duvets/coverlets, lots of pillows of varying textures, the bedskirt, and even the headboard. All those layers add great texture and visual interest, but if you don't like making your bed in the morning, this look probably isn't for you. ;)
  • The rug: Adds more warmth and softness underfoot, so not only are you getting a textural eye feast in this room, you're also experiencing it through touch.

We could probably keep going on this texture kick, but let's move on to the deets, those tiny things that give every room that little extra somethin' somethin'.


  • Hello beautiful chandelier hanging from a gorgeous ceiling. I love this chandy with the crystals added. It adds rustic, but refined charm and a little bling.
  • I love the tufted wooden bench at the end of the bed. It adds color, contrast and texture and is practical as well as beautiful.
  • The mirror above the bed adda another refined element and also draws the eye up and is also a great focal point. 
  • Curtain rods and curtains. The curtain rods tie in well with with the chandelier and the curtains soften the space around the window while not blocking any of that beautiful light that's coming in.
  • The lamp. This is the last detail I want to bring out here. I love that it's a glass see through base because it keeps your eye traveling through the space instead of creating a visual road block by the window area, and it also ties in with the crystals hanging from the chandy and adds some lightness to the space.

I'm sure most of us would love to have a beautiful bedroom like this, but most of us are not blessed with such an amazing ceiling which I think is one of the biggest key features in this room if not the key feature. So, how can you incorporate some of this look into your space?

  1. Change out your light fixture. I've have seen many a chandelier along these lines at thrift stores. Granted they need some freshening up, but nothing that some spray paint and new light bulbs wouldn't fix and you can even add your own crystals. Changing out a light fixture is something that you can do yourself in a weekend whether you own your own home or rent. Here's a tutorial from the blog, Tidbits and Twine about how to add crystals to a chandelier.
  2. Add a rug under your bed. Granted they can be pricey, but they sure do cozy up a space, and Rugs USA often runs sales up to %70 off and you can also find some good steals at Tuesday morning. It's just a matter of keeping an open mind about options that will work instead of getting stuck on one idea and watching and waiting for the right deal to come along. You can also see some DIY rug inspiration here that I was going to incorporate into our apartment, but decided to wait on because of house hunting.
  3. Layer your bedding. You probably don't have to go all out like they did here, but even adding a bright color throw at the foot of your bed can give your bed and room a facelift. My husband is not a fan of pillows, and I like to keep life simple so I doubt I'll ever have this many pillows on my bed, but if you don't mind them, they do look great and are something that are easy to change out and play around with.
  4. Plank your ceiling. Everyone is shiplapping their walls these days, so why not do your ceiling. It'd be a project, but it's doable if you're up for that kind of thing. Here are four tutorials to get you started.
  5. And lastly, think about the lamps you're using. Does the color and style complement your space? Can you switch out just the shade to give it a facelift? Drum shades like the one above generally go with most lamp styles and are a classic, timeless look.

Whew! Long post! If you stayed with me through all of that, you're the real MVP. I love hearing from you guys and I'd love to hear what you like about this space or your ideas on how we can incorporate some of the elements into our homes.