Reader Question: Can the Top and Bottom Half of My Chair Rail be the Same Color?

Last week we answered the first half of my friend Sarah's question about whether or not you had to use painters tape when painting around a chair rail. You can view that post here. This week we're going to address the second half about whether or not you need to use a different color on the top and bottom half of a chair rail. Here's Sarah's original question:

We have a classic chair rail in the living room, dining room and hall. I want to paint, but I don’t know the easiest way to paint around it, I hate the idea of taping all that! And does the bottom need to be a darker shade or does it look good with the same color? Right now it’s a pale yellow on top and a shade darker below the rail.

While a lot of people do choose to use two different colors or two shades of the same color on the top and lower half of their chair rail, you definitely don't have to. I've rounded up several examples of rooms where the same color is used on both the top and lower half. 

via: Makely Home

Here are two example where even the chair rail is painted the same color as the walls. I kind of like it. 

via: Pinterest

And here's a picture where in one room the chair rail and the wall are all the same color and in the other room the chair rail is in a contrasting color but the bottom and top half of the wall are the same.

via: Pawleys Island Posh

As you can see, you can pretty much go any way you want to with it. I think I kind of like the top and lower half being the same color myself.

What about you? Would you go with the same color on top and bottom or two different shades or colors?