Rustic & Refined Entryway

Rustic, modern, simple, refined, aged. These are some of the words I like to throw around to describe my style. I've been trying to pay more attention to what I really love rather than getting caught up in some of the beautiful trends because with this house, I'm wanting to create something we're happy to live with for a long time. Those five words are elements I keep finding myself drawn to in other people's work, and I think this entry mood board captures some of that with its rough and weathered wood textures, brass mirror, and Persian style runner. 

What are some words you'd use to describe your style? Leave them in the comments along with a room choice below and I'll create a mood board off of them for you to share here on the blog!

Rustic and Refined Entryway - Whitken & Co.


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  1. Round Brass Mirror

  2. Black Table Lamp

  3. Eucalyptus Branches

  4. Clear Glass Vase

  5. Rustic Wood Entry Table

  6. Dough Bowl

  7. Red Persian Runner

Our Mission:

To help people create beautiful, functional, and healing spaces to live, work, play in, and share with others. 

August Mood Board

Just one more mood board until I'm finally caught up from this summer! For August's mood board I decided to put together an entryway or what could be part of an entryway. I love this table by West Elm and built both mood boards around it. You can see the alternate version and get the PDF's to both when you join our mailing list at the bottom of this post.

Classic Modern Entryway Mood Board
Classic Modern Entryway Mood Board

Our Mission:

Whitken & Co. Exists to help families and individuals create beautiful, functional, and healing spaces to live, work, play in, and share with others.

June Mood Board: #clientrossnotrachel Entryway

We are still catching up on our mood boards here! Even though it's technically August, we're on June! 

This week I'm sharing an actual project with you. This mood board is one of the ones we shared with our client for her entryway. Our client leans mostly towards traditional with a touch of rustic and boho. 

We started with a neutral background and this narrow entry table, and sought out some fun options in lighting, rugs, and mirrors to add color and interest. This Estrel rug was part of the original plan, but we ended up swapping it out with a different option due to it being back ordered. It's super popular so if you like follow the link to jump on it. They recently restocked it, but it won't be available long! 

If you want to see what she went with, be sure to sign up for email list to receive a downloadable PDF of both designs.

June Mood Board