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Wall & Trim Color Inspiration for Our Dining Room & Living Room

When researching for the blog one day, I came across the image of this room with light grey walls and darker grey trim and doors, and it struck an immediate chord with me. 

image via: Still Inspiration

At the time we were looking at a different house than the one we purchased and it's style was perfect for a modern French country vibe which has a lot of whites, greys, blues, and light colored wood. Instead of the light grey on the walls, I wanted to do white with grey trim and doors. Once we moved on to this house (#theshorttpickenshouse) I decided to stick with the white walls and grey trim idea. Our plans are to either resell or rent out this place in a few years so although my hubby has given me free design reign, (woot woot!!!) I have to keep in mind other buyers or renters that may be coming in after us and try to make it appealing to them as well. That means I'll be keeping it somewhat neutral while trying to put my own personal touch on it.

As much as I love white walls and their versatility and have shared my love for them here on the blog, everyone is doing it and it makes me want to do something different. So the grey trim and doors is my little something different even though the idea isn't original to me. ;) If you remember from the initial home tour, our living and dining area flow into each other. Keeping that in mind and the fact that our house is so small, I'll be keeping a tight color scheme, and we'll more than likely paint these two rooms the same.

Here are some of the images I've been collecting for inspiration lately. You can view more on my Color Inspiration Pinterest board.

via:  Trendenser

I love, love, love this next space. I mean, why don't they build homes like this anymore?!

via:  Home Bunch
via:  My Domaine
via:  Decor Pad
via:  automotism

I love how they carried the grey all they way to the ceiling in this beautiful dining space. I'm mulling the idea over for at least one of the rooms, but not quite sure yet. What 's your vote? Let me know in the comments!

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Some Color Inspiration

Today, I'm taking a break from our little series on white. The hubs is home sick today, and I need to wait to get the pictures I need for that post. Although, I hate having him sick, I do like having him home on a week day and getting to spend a little extra time with him. 

I know I've been talking a lot about white the last two weeks so I thought it'd be fun to share a little color inspiration for those of you who love color. Although, white is my favorite, I'm looking forward to having our own place eventually where I can experiment a little bit more with color on the walls. And for those of you who've been following along the last few weeks, I'm still trying to convince the hubs that we need to paint an accent wall in our apartment. ;)

I would love to use a color and technique similar to this in our dining area, and yes, I know there's still a lot of white in this picture, but I love the contrast between the dark blues and the crisp whites.

Image via: Bedroom891

I've really been loving some of the dark walls I've been seeing lately. They're dramatic and classic all at the same time. And how about that awesome print above the bed? 

Image via: Nous Decor

If I had to live in a bathroom, I'd want to live in this one. Although, I don't know why I'd ever have to do that, but if your bathroom is this pretty, you just might want to.

Image via: House Beautiful

Those black walls with the mustard accents and the white trim and white wood floors and gold mirror and that sofa. Just yes.

Image via: Decoholic

I'm not a huge purple fan, but I think this little room or hallway looks pretty cool.

 I love the muted tones of the colors in these next two images.

Image via:   Design Sponge

Image via: Design Sponge

Image via:   Apartment Therapy

I think yellow would be an awesome, fun color for a kids room!

Image via: Freshideen

And how awesome is this yellow bathroom?

And one last room, a much softer color than all the rest I've shared today. I'm kind of liking this pink. 

Image via:   Horchow

Image via: Horchow

I do love color, and I feel like there's so many more rooms I could share! Also, did you notice that almost every room I shared had some element of white in it and was closely related to my color palette that I shared a few weeks ago? (you can take a look at it here). I think that the white just adds some really nice contrast and a clean look for the eyes. What is a go to color for you for you walls? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

My Color Palette Inspiration

Lately, I've been trying to nail down a color palette for our apartment. As we do more decorating in this little space of ours, I really want to make sure all of the elements flow and coordinate together to create a smooth transition between rooms. Since the space is so small and you can see each area and room from the living/dining area, I think that it's really important that my colors carry over into each room to give a sense of calm and cohesiveness to the space and make it easy on the eyes. For me, if there's too much color change in a small space, my mind and eyeballs start to go a little bit wonkers, and I feel restless and stressed.

All of our walls our white, which I actually love. We decided when we moved in we weren't going to paint the walls because we didn't want to invest in a home we knew was temporary, but lately I have been working on convincing the hubs that we need to paint one or two of them to create a focal point and give the apartment a cozier feel. Plus I have a painting technique I really want to try one of them, so wish me luck. ;) 

For my colors, I chose colors that I always seem to gravitate towards and go back to time and time again. I want to curate furniture and accessories now that I can carry into a home when we get ready to buy one. White is my favorite color, so It is the main color. I know some people believe white isn't a color, but haters gonna hate. ;) Since our walls are remaining white, I can pretty much do whatever I want as far as accent colors goe. I've settled on a mix of blues, mustard yellow, blush pink, and black.  

I've been scouring Pinterest for inspiration to see how I can pull these colors together and if they'll work, and I'm loving what I'm seeing. Below are some of the images that have been inspiring me and making me drool all over my laptop lately. 

Image via:   SF Girl By Bay

Image via: SF Girl By Bay

Image Via:   Couture Deco

Image Via: Couture Deco

Image via:   House Beautiful

Image via: House Beautiful

Image via: Found on   Poppytalk .  Originally found in the Elle Decor, Nov. 2010.

Image via: Found on PoppytalkOriginally found in the Elle Decor, Nov. 2010.

Image via:   Apartment Therapy
White and Mustard Yellow
Image via:   Style Me Pretty

Image via: Style Me Pretty

Image via:   Pompelli

Image via: Pompelli

Image via:   Soft Surroundings
Image via:   My Domaine

Image via: My Domaine

Image via:   Couleur Locale

Image via: Couleur Locale