7 Ideas for Your Leftover Turkey

I hope you've all had a happy Thanksgiving! We're actually celebrating tomorrow. All of my siblings are either spending it with their other families or working today, so we've actually had a really quiet day at my parent's house. I've gotten in a lot of FIxer Upper. Not a bad Thanksgiving for me! 

Here's some ideas for you to use that leftover turkey for. I'm thinking about buying a turkey for us when we get home just so I can make some of these! A few of these call for ground turkey, deli turkey, or turkey sausage, but you should be able to substitute your leftover turkey pretty easily. 

So without further adieu, here's you 7 ideas for those leftovers! I'm hoping to be back later by Saturday with some small businesses you can shop at for small business Saturday, but we'll see. Trying to soak in my family while I can! ;)

1. Turkey, Apple, & Brie Sandwich with Apple Cider Mayo

4. White Bean, Turkey, and Kale Stew