6 Tips for Buying Decorative Items for Your Home

Do you ever feel stumped or overwhelmed when confronting the home decor aisles at places like TJ Maxx and Home Goods or when you're at a flea market, thrift store, or antique shop. Or do you ever look at your shelves or table tops and see some pretty things, but they just don't seem to make a cohesive unit? I know I do on both accounts.

It's easy to get overwhelmed with all the beautiful options facing you in the aisles and walk out of the store with too much stuff or nothing at all.

Here are 6 tips that I use when I'm out shopping for home items to help keep me focused and not overwhelmed


Have a color scheme in mind

When it comes to styling the shelves in our bedroom, which is still a work in progress, I keep a certain color scheme in mind. I know that I want to keep our bedroom very neutral and white for the most part but I want small punches of color and warmth added in to make the space cozy. For accessories in this room I look for warm wood tones like the goblet, bowl, and wood prints. I also look for white things and either black or muted gold and brass. If you keep your color scheme tight, not only does it narrow your options, but it also helps your space look more purposeful and cohesive.

6 Tips for Buying Decorative Items for Your Home


Keep a running list of objects you're looking for

I tend to keep a pretty short list so that I'll keep an open mind but I do have a few things that I keep my eyes peeled for. I'm always on the lookout for antlers, and I'm currently on the hunt for wooden candlesticks and a hand sculpture. I've seen both at Goodwill and an antique shop in the last few months and didn't get them and have been kicking myself ever since. 

6 Tips for Buying Decorative Items for Your Home


Keep your style in mind 

I'm pretty eclectic in my style but I also know that I tend to gravitate towards traditional colonial and modern midcentury styles so I keep that in mind when considering purchasing any kind of decor items or furniture to make sure they will complement those styles. 

6 Tips for Buying Decorative Items for Your Home


Know the general or exact size you need

Most of the time you can just have a general idea of a size you need, but if you want to measure the height between yours shelves that can be helpful when trying to figure out if something will be too tall for your space. Just be sure to keep a tape measure in your purse. When it comes to furniture, you'll definitely want to be more specific with the size you're looking for.

6 Tips for Buying Decorative Items for Your Home


Keep your eyes open for classic or interesting shapes

I found these jars at a Goodwill and intend to paint them white eventually. Their shapes are just so classic and pretty that I couldn't pass them up. 

6 Tips for Buying Decorative Items for Your Home


Keep an open mind

Even though, most of the points above are geared towards narrowing your focus, it's helpful to keep an open mind so that you don't miss a good find or deal that will work for your style. And like I mentioned, though I do keep a list of specific things I'm looking for, I keep it short, and focus more on the color and style of the pieces that I add to my collection.

6 Tips for Buying Decorative Items for Your Home

I hope this helps you when you're out shopping for your home. If you have any other helpful tips, leave them in the comments below! I love hearing from you guys!