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French Country Bedroom Mood Board

French Country Bedroom Mood Board

Last week I asked readers to chime in on words that described their style and I would start building mood boards based off of them. My Kiwi friend Amy from New Zealand who was one of my dearest friends in college left the words "Rustic, Country, French, Industrial."

Amy this room is for you! 

When I think of French Country, I generally think of soft, muted tones, natural and rustic woods, some chippy paint, ticking stripes and needlepoint, and gorgeous natural linens. I'm including a picture of the linens alone in this post because I honestly cannot get over how pretty they are. Price wise, they are comparable to what you would purchase at West Elm or Pottery Barn. Not necessarily cheep, but not outrageously expensive either. 

Since I went with those gorgeous and unique rustic steel sconces on the wall, I decided to go with a chair rather than a traditional nightstand for this room since a lamp wouldn't need to rest on it. It's the perfect little spot to set a class of water and book once you shut the lights out at night or you know, also your phone. 

If I were to design this room in real life, I would probably look for a more rustic pendant or rough this one up a bit, and I would also hunt down an antique dresser to add a little more age and patina to the space. There's nothing like adding some antiques to your home to give it a little soul.

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Rustic French Country Bedroom - Whitken & Co.


Rustic & Refined Dining Room

Rustic & Refined Dining Room

Happy Wednesday, guys! 

I am really loving this week's dining room and this is definitely a look I wouldn't mind seeing in my own house. We have a similar table from World Market which I'm considering stripping down to create a look similar to today's mood board. I love the simple black windsor chairs from Target and how they pair with the end wishbone chairs. One of my favorite things to do in the dining room is to keep all the chairs the same but add a different set at the ends of the table. It keeps things interesting but still cohesive. 

The art is a replica, and my parents have the exact print from my grandparents house that I"m going to see if I can talk them into sending me for Christmas. I talked a little bit about why I love this painting in this post from a dining room we featured in our Why This Room Works sereies. 

The wooden bowl on the table is a little on the pricey side, but a really beautiful piece that you can hang onto and style in so many different places and ways for years. Its really one of those pieces you wouldn't ever get rid of unless it was to send it to me of course.

And can we talk about this hammered brass light fixture? Gorgeous. I love how simple, rustic, yet refined it is - all traits I try to bring into each of my designs.

And I've never been super into the buffalo check trend, but I really like it in this set up. It's always amazing to me how changing up the context of something can change your opinion on it. 

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Rustic & Refined Dining Room


  1. Man Praying Art

  2. Hammered Gold Light Fixture

  3. Ivory Flokati Wishbone Chair

  4. Black Windsor Chair

  5. Rustic Concrete & Wood Dining Table

  6. Wooden Decorative Bowl

  7. Black & White Buffalo Check Rug

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