Five on Friday No. 008

Five on Friday No. 008

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  1. We're going over to a friend's house for Thanksgiving day this year, and I'm going to be of "those people" and take a version of this healthyish side. I've never really liked Thanksgiving food that much and this is a little more up my taste bud alley. 
  2. I'll be making up for it though with this pie! My family makes pecan every year for Christmas and Thanksgiving, but this recipe has a couple of twists that I'm kind of excited to try out. 
  3. In all seriousness, though, Blue Bell really should use this girl's video to advertise their Christmas Cookie Ice Cream because I am now going to go buy some because of it. I mean, how can you no try it after this?! Have you tried it? Is it really as good as she says?
  4. Alright, guys. You need to cancel your weekend plans, make a big pot of coffee, and slip on your sweats because have you guys heard of the One Room Challenge? It happens twice a year, and bloggers/designers take on one room to completely overhaul in 6 weeks. It's pretty incredible to watch the transformations happen. They just finished up this week and you should definitely spend some time checking it out. You can view the sponsored participants here (this is a huge event that a lot of big and small design companies and even House Beautiful get behind to help the designers and bloggers transform their space.) You don't have to be an official participant to join in the fun, though. Anyone can join as a guest and you can view them here. Some serious inspiration here, folks. 
  5. We've already started listening to Christmas music around here (hello Kenny G holiday station on Pandora. Yes, I know I'm an old person, and I like it.) We're also burning some Christmas Candles and this Holiday Spruce candle is my absolute favorite so far. I also really like Balsam & Spice by Hearth & Hand, Joanna Gaines' new line at Target, and this Merry and Bright one as well.  Do you have any great Christmas candle suggestions for me? I'd definitely love to hear them!

I would love to hear from you! If you have links to your favorite Thanksgiving desserts and sides, please share them or anything else that you are loving right now! 

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