Master Bedroom

Cozy Winter Blues Bedroom

Sometimes I can whip these mood boards out in a couple of hours and sometimes they take me forever. This one took forever, and I'm still not sure I'm 100% happy with it, but deadlines be calling, yo. Part of the reason I think I've agonized over this one so much is that I'm using it as inspiration for our own bedroom. I've already purchased the West Elm duvet and have been trying to figure out which way I want to go with the rest of the bedding. I don't know if we'll pull off this whole mood board, but I think we'll go for some of the pieces to freshen and cozy up our bedroom for the winter months. I've got to say, those Moroccan fur pillows made my heart do a little skippity skip when I first saw them. They are a little bit of a splurge, but I'm thinking they just might be worth it. What do you think?

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Cozy Winter Blues Bedroom Mood Board - Whitken & Co.

Wood Photo Prints

If you're looking for something to add to your Christmas list or get for family, these photo wood block prints are it! I met Tori Angelini at a West Elm workshop in Charlotte. She does amazing work printing photos to wood as well as some other awesome wood work that I'm hoping to invest in for our home someday, hopefully before she moves back to Jersey! Here are a couple that she did for us from our engagement and wedding day.

I'm loving how they look in our apartment. I plan to hang them on the wall eventually, but I think they look pretty on the bookcases around our bed until than. I just love looking at them everyday and it's something different from the norm, which is what I really love! 

We are partnering up to offer you some amazing wood photo prints for you. If you have had a session with me in the past and would like to purchase  some of these prints for your home, email me at, and I will be happy to get you some more information. Also go check out and follow her work on Instagram here and you can see her Etsy store here to see more of her amazing work!