House Hunting

The Shortt House Hunt: A Delayed Closing & A Picture. . .Finally

So, you know all that excitement yesterday and this past week about us closing and moving this weekend? Well, after I posted yesterday about moving and was already in full on cleaning and packing mode, I got an email from the hubs (you know, because my phone took a swim in the lieu) that closing was delayed because our appraiser had to make some corrections to his report. 

I immediately wanted to eat a pan of brownies or a pint of Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream, but I did neither because (a) all my pans are packed and (b) it would have required me to put on real clothes and a bra and go to the store, none of which I felt like doing, and (c) calories. 

So I ranted a little and shed a couple of tears, mainly because I had to shuffle around my work schedule at the job I literally just started and felt bad about being a problem from the get go. But my new employers were super nice and understanding. I always stress myself way more than I should about stuff like that.

We did go over and check our mail at the house for the first time last night and I took the opportunity to snag a picture for you guys. Some of you have been asking, but I wanted to make sure the house was in the bag and a sure deal first. I really do love our little house, and hopefully if all goes well, I'll be sharing a walk through video tour with you guys next week! I know I've said it a thousand times, but I'm so exited about the potential of this little house and can't wait to start the transformation!

The Shortt House Hunt: A Delayed Closing & A Picture. . .Finally

The Shortt House Hunt: Things Are Gettin' Crazy Up In Hurr

Whew. It's been a little while since our last house update, but there's been a whole lot of waiting going on in this neck of the woods and not anything too exciting to report until now.

We are scheduled to close Thursday morning! I can hardly believe it. This past weekend we just kept saying to each other, "Can you believe by this time next weekend we'll be in our own house and it will actually be ours?"

Each day I get a little more excited. As crazy as it sounds I can't wait to get in there and get to work. In the mean time, we've been packing and deep cleaning the apartment and it's just a tad cray cray up in here. I dare anyone to enter in the middle of the night because they will die for sure. 

The Shortt House Hunt: Things Are Gettin' Crazy Up in Hurr

All this clutter and chaos has put me in my obsessive compulsive cleaning mode. I'm pretty sure the oven is cleaner than when they installed it brand new. Also, the dishwasher. And pretty soon the pantry. Oh, and I'm also losing my mind and dropped my phone in the toilet today so there's that. Here's to covering it in rice and prayers and hoping it starts working soon. Oh, and did I mention I'm starting a new part time job tomorrow?

Life is crazy and stressful and crazy and wonderful and sometimes just plain crazy, but mostly it's wonderful and I'm so excited for this new adventure!

The Shortt House Hunt: Howdy Doody Neighbors

So last week while we were finishing up our inspection, our hopefully next door neighbors came over and introduced themselves. Let's just say they made us even more excited to get this house. They were super sweet and have four littles and are an active part of the neighborhood.

They invited us to the monthly neighborhood association meeting and after talking for awhile, the wife let us know she was actually the vice president of the neighborhood association. They had a lot of good things to say about the neighborhood and our little house.

We left and as we were driving down the street my husband, Mr. Friendly, saw two older gentlemen standing out by the curb chatting it up and pulled up to ask them how they like their neighborhood! The spokesman for the two turned out to be the president of the association who's been living in the neighborhood since the 70's and raised 5 kids there, 3 of which still live there. 

We went to the meeting that Audry invited us to and Roy opened us up in prayer. We listened as our neighbors talked about neighborhood safety and maintenance, kids kicking in doors of a vacant house on the lot and parents letting each other know what their kids are up to, about chickens occasionally getting loose, and how a couple of the ladies were going to take lunch to the crew replacing the sewer infrastructure and putting in new sidewalks. I kind of feel like we'll be moving into our own little Mayberry of sorts.

We were really glad to see how the community really cares about where they live and are actively involved in making it the best it can be and we are so excited to hopefully be a part of that soon!

So with all the good things we've heard and seen so far, I'm hoping this picture won't be us.