Why This Space Works: Neutral Hallway

Hallways are one of those transitional spaces that can be tricky to know what to do with sometimes, but they should definitely not be a neglected space in your home. Today's feature is from Young House Love. Although they are not blogging as much these days, their blog and website is an amazing resource of inspiration and advice on home diy projects and decor.

Why This Room Works: Neutral Hallway

Color Scheme:

The neutral color scheme of this hallway allows it to transition into pretty much any space and it also has a calming effect while the art in the white frames adds fun pops of color.


Wall Art: Although your frames don't have to all match perfectly in a wall display, the matching frames here provide some nice balance and symmetry to the space while the art inside provides visual interest. In Monday's post I shared how to determine how high to hang your images in a hallway and also talked a little about frame sizes. You can view that post here if you need some help with that.

Focal Point: The gallery wall at the end of the hallway makes a great statement and draws your eye straight to the ends. I love how the frames on the sides of the hallway act as leading lines up to this focal point.

Board and Batten: I love the interest that board and batten add to a wall, and it also acts as leading lines drawing our eyes towards the end of the hallway to that gallery wall. 

Light Fixture: Light fixtures are like jewelry to any space adding that little extra something special. This light fixture is fun while still understated, and it's almost flush mount nature keeps it from getting in the way.

I hope this post helps give you some ideas for livening up your hallway. This would be a fun weekend project if you wanted to spruce up your space without it consuming to much time!