DIY Christmas Tree Ornament

DIY Christmas Tree Ornament

DIY Christmas Tree Ornament - Whitken & Co.

We've got the simplest of all DIY Christmas ornaments for you today! I wanted to give you guys a quick and stressless idea that you could do on Thanksgiving day while you snack on leftovers and the game is on, or if you need a fun activity to keep the kiddos busy or to help turn the awkward family gathering into something fun and less awkward. Some of my favorite memories are sitting around with friends at our gatherings and making stuff. Conversation just seems to flow easier and you can learn all sorts of stuff about people when your hands have something to do.

DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments


*I linked to the products we used on Amazon (affiliate) but you can find all of these things at Hobby Lobby as well

DIY Christmas Tree Ornament - Whitken & Co.


I chose to stick with a color scheme for our ornaments to keep the look cohesive and also because I wanted to buy all of the colors but knew I couldn't so a color scheme helped me narrow down my choices.

Simply squirt a little bit of each paint color onto a paper plate or small palette if you want to get fancy. 

After dipping your brush into the paint, simply make brush strokes on your ornament. The simple brush stroke ornaments were my favorite, but we did mix it up a bit by painting some curves and dashes and dots just for fun. 

DIY Christmas Tree Ornament - Whitken & Co.

It's that simple, folks. We hung them to dry from the chandelier in our dining room, and afterwards attached ribbon for hanging on the tree, which hopefully we'll be putting up this weekend! 

Tag me on Instagram and let me know if you make your own ornaments! I would love to see your creations! 

DIY Christmas Tree Ornament - Whitken & Co.

Weekend Roundup

Happy weekend,  friends! If you're here in SC, it is an absolutely beautiful day! Later this afternoon I get to photograph a little boy's puppy party and meet a fellow blogger in our town, and I couldn't be more excited! As always, here's you something to eat/drink, something to read, something to watch, something to make, and someone to follow. What are you up to this weekend? Leave me some comments below! :)

Something to Drink

If you saw yesterday's post, you know that we got to visit the Biltmore last weekend. We also got to sample their wassail mix and it was delicious! Here's a recipe (non-achoholic) that you can make in the slow cooker.

Something to Read

This book is number 1 on my Christmas list. I haven't had the chance to read it yet, but I keep hearing rave review, and I Emily's style is very much aligned with my own. )You can purchase your copy here.)

Something to Watch

Guys, this show is like a really good book that you can't put down, and the costumes are out of this world. You can catch it on Netflix, and we're following along on Hulu now as they release them. Can't stop. Won't stop. Oh, and awesome fact. If you were an Anne of Green Gable fan back in the day, Megan Follows, who played in stars in this series. Such a great actress and love seeing her in the role of Catherine de Medici.

via:   6ter

via: 6ter

Something to Make

I came across this beautiful diy Trumeau mirror when I was reading through some of the One Room Challenges on Linda's blog, Calling it HomeThis beautiful diy is from Kristi over at Making it in the MountainsI'm seriously thinking about making one of these for us. It's so much prettier than just a regular full length mirror. You can see how Kristi made theirs here.

Someone to Follow

Since we're already highlighting an awesome diy by her, I though why not follow her as well. You can follow Kristi and her husband as they redo their fixer upper farmhouse on her blog at Making it in the Mountains and on her Instagram. I can't wait to see the progress she and her hubs make in their home.

Dining Rug DIY Inspiration and Tutorials

As promised, I'm back today to share my ideas and a couple of tutorials that are fueling my creative, diy juices for a rug for our dining area. Yesterday, I shared the four rugs below. Although, I've considered taking the plunge for one, I don't want to invest in a rug that won't fit well into a space once we purchase a house.  To me, a rug is a big commitment and investment.

Rug Collage

I love mixing old and new in my decorating and all of these rugs lend themselves well to that. 

Let's start about by talking about the colorful rug. The only colorful one I chose. Ha! Can you tell I like neutrals much?

Rug source:   Ikea

Rug source: Ikea

I love this rug because of the color it would add to our space, and I also love the texture of the design. I think it would create a lot of visual interest without being too busy. This rug is from one of my favorite places on earth, also known as, IKEA

To recreate this look for less, I'm considering sewing several smaller rugs together to create a larger area rug. NellieBellie blog has a great tutorial on how to do this. I'm considering using these smaller rugs from (yup you guessed it) IKEA, which are $6.99 a piece, but I'm going to look around some some more. NellieBellie found her rugs for a $1.99 and ended up with a $20 area rug when all was said and done. Ah-mazing! (click here for the link to her tutorial)

Rug source:   IKEA

Rug source: IKEA

And than, we have all my black and white rugs. I love them! 

Rug sources:   Rugs USA  ,   IKEA  ,   West Elm

Rug sources: Rugs USA, IKEA, West Elm

I love these rugs because of the black and white and the contrast they would add to the space. I also love their versatility. They'll go with so much. I'm considering using this plain area rug from Ikea as my base unless I can find a cheaper option somewhere else. I'm still shopping around. 

Rug source:   IKEA

Rug source: IKEA

Homemade by Carmona has a tutorial on her blog of these rugs that she painted below. If I don't end up doing this for under the dining table, you can bet your boots, I'll be doing this somewhere else in the apartment. I love how hers turned out, and they're getting me really excited to attempt this diy!

Image via:   Homemade by Carmona

I'll admit, that a diy rug wasn't exactly thrilling my soul, but after seeing hers, I realize how pretty they can actually be! What do you think? I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below!