Charlotte NC

Ferguson Family

If I had to pick a favorite, this session has probably been one of my favorites yet. Raechel and Randy travel all over the U.S. in their beautiful Avion trailer for Randy's job, Randy designs and makes the rocks and trees you see at places like Cabela's, and Raechel is a new mom and crafter and also a licensed cosmetologist. 

Raechel's and my paths have crossed intermittently throughout the years since we were kids. Raechel's family came to my house when we were younger to get kittens from us. (Our cats were constantly giving birth and we almost always had a sign at the end of our drive way advertising free kittens.) We also went to the same church for a little while and attended the same college.

Raechel had messaged me before they were even expecting Nolan, saying that she wanted to book a session if they were close by after she had a baby which they were hoping to in the coming year. Along came baby Nolan, and I was super excited to find out that they were staying in Columbia for awhile after he was born! 

 I love this session because we were able to capture this special new time in their life as a new family at their home, which is their Avion trailer right now. That is a part of their family story, and I was so excited to be able to incorporate that. We also got up super early to catch that beautiful, beautiful morning light. 

Thank you, Randy, Raechel, and Nolan for letting me capture this super special and exciting time in your lives! I can't wait to see what the future holds for all of you!