September Mood Board No. 2

Now that I've caught up on the monthly mood boards from the summer, I've decided I like putting these together and sharing them each week with you guys. From here on out, you can count on one mood board a week, and if you'd like the PDF, join our mailing list below!

We are in desperate need of some new bedding. After 3 years of marriage and two dogs who sleep with us, ours is worn out. I put together a look I wouldn't mind seeing in our room. I'm pretty much in love with that pillow from Anthropologie, and they have others like it that are just as beautiful.

Also, if you haven't checked out Target's Project 62 line yet where the throw is from, you should definitely head over and see it! It's very classic while also modern, and it makes me want to spend all my money.  

Bedding Mood Board - Whitken & Co.



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