Rainy Day Window Pics

It's been thunder storming on and off for the last three days here which I kind of love. I love me some good thunder and rain to sleep to. Although, if it keeps up, we might need to get a boat for the back yard. 

Fortunately, we haven't had to go that far yet, but we have had to get some gutter extensions which our home inspector suggested when we got the house so the water would drain away from the house instead of pooling up under it. 

I took these pictures yesterday when it was pouring and my hubs was talking to me about where he put the extensions. The light was perfect in front of the window where he was talking so naturally, after I assured him I was listening, I ran to get my camera to snap a few pics. That's totally normal, right? 

I'm so thankful for a husband who puts up with my antics, takes care of our house, and somehow always makes me laugh. I think I'll keep him ;)

p.s. I couldn't decide between color and black and white, so why not upload both, right?