The Shortt House Hunt: Outside Perspectives

About a week and a half ago now we thought we'd found the house. It was pretty awesome. It was old and spacious with a big kitchen, an attic that could be converted to another room, and an outside shed, which for some reason I get really excited about. ( I just start seeing all the projects I can do in them.) We both really loved it.

So, we asked Mom and Dad Shortt to come down and take a look and also one of the men from our church. 

Image via:   Garden and Gun

Image via: Garden and Gun

The only thing that was holding my Kendall back was the location. It was in kind of a spotty part of town, and he was worried about safety from adjoining streets and eventually the resale value of the house. I liked the house so much, that I hate to say it, but I kind of just blocked that stuff out.

Everyone agreed that the house was awesome. Whoever had lived there before had definitely put some love and care into it. But, everyone else also agreed with Kendall that the area wasn't a good place to be in and was probably not a wise investment.

I didn't cry over this house like I did this one (you can read about it here). It took me the rest of the day and part of the next though to accept that they were all right and I just needed to let it go. So I did, somewhat reluctantly but knowing that I wanted what was best for us and not just a pretty house

Image via:   Luxe

Image via: Luxe

It turned out to be a really good thing. I'm not really ready to share the deets right now, but because we decided to listen to some people who care about us and have more of an outside perspective, new goals and ideas and a life plan kind of formulated for us.

It's definitely hard for me to keep an open mind when I see something I like or when I think I know what I want, but it's something I've really been working on throughout this whole adventure, and I'm excited for the new ideas and possibilities that have been born and are opening up to us.

I'm not crystal clear on what God's plan is for us, but I know it's bigger than just buying a house and that's pretty cool.

Image via:   Lombardi House

Image via: Lombardi House