New Series Coming Up!

Next week, we'll be starting a new series on the blog that I hope to publish every Wednesday for the next year. I'm calling it "Why this Room Works."

I love home decor and designing and planning rooms, and I want to help people to be able to do that in their own homes for themselves. 

I'll be featuring a new room each week and dissecting it with you to so show you the nuances that make it a fabulous, beautiful space.

If you come across a room that you'd like to go over, email the image and source to me at and we can go over it through email, or it may be one that shows up on the blog!

I'm really looking forward to featuring this series each week and hope you guys will enjoy it! Here's a few rooms that I've been loving lately in my trolling of the internet. 

via:   Elle Decor
via:   Dulux

via: Dulux

via:   Domino

via: Domino