The Shortt House Hunt: Inspections

Killer of a title, right? Sounds so adventuresome. ;) In all seriousness, though, when it cam time for our house inspection this past week, we were given warning that when It came time to go over the inspection, not to freak out because it's the inspector's job (much like some people's mother in law) to find every little thing they can wrong with the house, so we went in bracing ourselves a little bit.

(Disclaimer here: That mother in law joke was just a joke and in no way a reflection on mine. I've got the kind of mother in law everyone wishes they had.)

Our inspector started out by telling us how great our house actually was for it's age, and I felt like a little kid trying not to smile to show how excited I was.

He then proceeded to get into the uglies of the house. Even though it was a little scary to hear all the things at once, in reality it wasn't that bad and we were pleasantly surprised. Even the realtors and inspector were amazed at how few issues there were to address with the house and he told us that this house was a great investment. We really do feel like God has brought us a little gem of a house, and are so excited to see how He is directing our path.

The inspector and one of the other realtors we're working with have been so great in helping us know what issues to address with the seller. So far, we have gotten to work with some really great people through this whole process and we've had help and advice from friends who are older and wiser and we couldn't be more grateful for everyone that God has put in our path. It's so cool to see how He's been leading us through this process.

We've submitted our repair request and all the financials and now we wait, probably the hardest part for me. We should know more by Friday hopefully, and I'm not gonna lie, it feels like a loooooooong ways away. So until than, here's some pretty houses for your viewing pleasure. A lot of you have been asking for a picture but I'm holding out on sharing if for now until things are really finalized and it's ours. ;)

via:  Mims House
via:  Decor Pad