Lessons from The Voice Pt. 4: When Confidence Isn't a Good Thing

We are onto the battle rounds of The Voice. This part of the competition is where we see the judges juggle their internal struggle of choosing between their contestants, and when the contestants internal character really starts showing through.

Image via:   Tyler Golden/NBC

Image via: Tyler Golden/NBC

One of the things I've always noticed in every season I've watched of the Voice and which has held true this season, is that confidence is a must when it comes to performing and competing, but it can also be a stumbling block. Contestants who are given a song they've sung a thousand times or who have had experience performing or some amount of success rely on those thingst to carry them through the battle round. Those contestants who don't have as much experience performing or are not as familiar with a song often admit to being somewhat intimidated by their opponent.

Image via:   Trae Patton/NBC

Image via: Trae Patton/NBC

The interesting thing, though, is almost every single time, the contestant with the least experience or knowledge of a song comes out ahead, mainly because their opponent was over confident and didn't feel they had to work as hard.

I love seeing an underdog, take that intimidation and turn it into motivation. It's such a lesson for us in life, and especially in business.

Just because we may have more experience, be a better artist or entrepreneur, does not mean that we are automatically going to come out ahead of everyone else. We have to keep hustling as if we weren't as good and keep looking to how we can be better.

And as the judges point out time and time again, it isn't always about who's the best, it's about who shows them they will work the hardest, and who brings the most passion to their work.

Image via:   Tyler Golden/NBC

Image via: Tyler Golden/NBC

So, be confident, but don't let your confidence put you in a rut or make you lazy. Don't let it take away your heart. Get out there. Stay humble. Hustle hard. And wear your heart on your sleeve,

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Image via:   NBC

Image via: NBC