Lessons from the Voice Pt. 3: Just Keep Swimming

Well, after 3 weeks, the blinds are officially over, and they were amazing. I always feel for the judges in the next round when the singers have to duke it out in what looks like an actual boxing ring. Ugh, it would just be so hard to choose. I mean, some of these artists are really amazing and equally matched. After seeing the previews, the judges have it in for themselves. May the force be with them and the odds ever in their favor. (What would we do without movie quotes, right?)

Today's post is short. There's just one theme that I really want to highlight. I've seen it come up each night of the show, and it's really stuck with me. And that theme is this:

Just because you've had some success doesn't mean you've made it, and doesn't mean you get to stop working for your dreams.

Some of these artists have had hits on the radio, had record deals, opened and toured with other famous artists, sang in front of thousands, and heck, even opened for the Olympics. They've had some success. But they haven't "made it," so to speak. 

Just because you accomplish one goal or taste the sweetness of a success does not mean that you get to sleep in the next day and take a break. No. It means that you get to set your alarm and get up the next day and start climbing the next mountain. A goal reached or an opportunity in the spotlight does not mean that you have made it and from here on out everything else is a piece of cake. It means you get to hustle harder.

Even successful and famous people like our four judges are still out there putting in the work every day and that's what makes them stand out from the rest and allows them to keep doing what they love. 

So, my mottos are these for right now. No matter what comes, whether it be failures or successes, just make like Dory and keep swimming and stay humble and hustle hard. 

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