Hitting Reset + A Free Printable

The last few years I’ve learned the hard way to respect my personal limits. Although, I may not take joy in them, I’ve learned that by acknowledging them, accepting them, and dealing with them responsibly, makes me a healthier, happier, and more creative and productive person.

Life has been crazy lately and it’s started to get to me, so this week I’m taking a break from my normal blog posting schedule. The last thing I want to do is lose joy in this work. In the past I’ve jumped with both feet into things I wasn’t completely ready for yet. With this blogging and design career, I want to be purposeful and intentional while also letting it grow organically and take its natural course. I really believe God has great things ahead for us and I don’t want to burn out before giving those things time to happen.

It’s hard to pull back and acknowledge our human weaknesses because it makes us feel weak and not like the super humans we want to be. But God calls us unto rest just like he calls us unto work. I know that for me it’s my pride that keeps me from stepping back and taking the rest I need because I want to be wonder woman and do all the things. If I could, I’d give up sleep, but Kendall and I both know that If I don’t have sleep I turn into a toddler. It’s not cute, unfortunately.

So this week’s posts will be fewer and lighter, and I’ll be working more behind the scenes. Oh, and I’ll also be packing! Stay tuned for a house update later this week.  I’ve already got new ideas brewing for the future of this blog adventure that I’m really excited about. It really is amazing what stepping back every once in a while can do for your creativity and perspective.

Below is one of my favorite verses that I've created a free printable of for you to download and frame or hang on your fridge. Just click the download button to print or download! The verse is from Mark 6:31

Hitting Reset + A Free Printable - Whitney Donáe