Goodwill Finds and Plans

A lot of times when I run into the thrift store, I don't find anything, but a couple of weeks ago, I made a little bit of a haul. I went into look for frames for the ongoing gallery wall project and walked out with a little bit more. I've learned you have to grab the good stuff when you see it. I'm slowly collecting things for styling a few of the areas around our apartment like the bookcases in our bed room. Here's all the goodies I raked in!

The frames will be getting painted black and hung on the gallery wall. I was pretty excited to find a couple with white mats in them!

I don't know if this is a piece of wood or a stained antler, but I liked the shape of it.

I love this green lantern/candle holder. It's kind of unique and looks antique. Not sure if it is or now, but I liked the old look of it.

And I kind of went gaga over this wooden goblet. I'm on the hunt for wooden and white accents for the shelves in our room and this was perfect!

These three things have already made it on the shelves in our room for now. The antler/wood thing and the goblet will be staying, but still deciding about the green lantern

I was really excited to find these vases, and apparently so was the little old lady who I thought was going to take them from my cart lol! They're ugly as heck right now, but they'll be getting a fresh coat of white pain along with the candlestick. I'm not sure where I'm going to put them yet but I loved the shape of them.  

I was inspired by this photo from Benjamin Moore, so when I saw these vases I just had to get them.

Image via: Benjamin Moore