Glimpses of our Trip to Savannah & the Davenport House

A few weeks ago for our 2nd Anniversary we went down to Savannah, GA. Having heard of all the old homes and great architecture there, I've been wanting to go for forever. We loved walking around the city and touring the Davenport house and eating lots of good food. We tried a bunch of seafood we'd never eaten before and had to ask our waitress how to eat half of it. It was so much fun and we can't wait to go back and tour some of the other houses and take the architectural tour of the city. I was excited when our tour guide told us we could take pictures inside the house so I could share them with you guys, and I also snapped a few of some of the huge barges that port and make their way through this stretch of the river. Seeing some of the architecture and cobblestone streets that have been there since the 1700s was truly amazing.