Front Door Refresh Plans and Mockups

I'm really excited to be jumping into our first little home update. So far the most exciting things we've done are fix the toilet........multiple times. Praise be it finally seems to be fixed. And add gutter extensions. (Can you feel my excitement over here?)

It's been killing me because I just want to make something look pretty and my time has finally come! We're going to be incorporating several of the 6 Budget Friendly Ways to Update Your Curb Appeal that I shared a couple of weeks ago. 

Here's what we'll be updating although it probably won't all happen this weekend as I haven't started shopping yet, and I'm a deal hunter,which takes time and patience.

1. New door color

2. Refresh black paint on posts and railings

3. Paint the stoop

4. Update all hardware to an antique brass finish whether buying new or spray painting

5. New lantern like light fixture

6. Add hanging ferns to sides of door and planters with colorful flowers at bottom of steps

7. Maybe get a new rug? The verdict is still out. I'm going to wait to see if I want more color added to the space once the other updates have been completed.

We're starting with this front door project for several reasons, although Kendall is currently unaware of my reasons at this point. He'll find them out when he reads this post.  ;)

Reason No. 1: I want to wait to start painting the walls until we get the floors refinished, which is going to be a little while still. Some people have looked at me weird when I tell them this, but I have a reason. I want to match the tones of the grey trim color with the tone of the wood floor, and I'm not really going to know what tones we're dealing with until we strip the current stain off. I'm hoping for a beautiful raw wood look that we can just put a protective coating over and that will go with a soft, cool grey for the trim, but we shall see. 

Reason No. 2: I figured this front door refresh was a good way for us DIY newbies to stretch our muscles without getting seriously burned. I'm also learning how to do digital mockups of my projects which you'll see below, so this was an easy place for me to start learning how to do that

Reason No. 3: The front door and entry is the first impression of your home. Not that we're here to impress, but I want people to feel an immediate warm and inviting welcome when they drive up and the front door is where it starts unless you're the Biltmore, and than it starts at the beginning of your two mile driveway. 

So, those are my reasons. If you remember from my curb appeal post, I swore I would have a yellow door someday, but I felt like it didn't fit this house. I just kept seeing a blue door here, and what the house wants the house gets. My neighbor has a pretty white house with a  yellow door, so I just enjoy looking at hers for now. Now time for the before pic!

It's not horrible, but it's definitely nothing to text home about. It's just kind of blah. 

Front Door Before & Refresh Plan -  Whitney Donáe

So, you know I'm already going with blue door, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to paint the storm door or our little stoop. I thought I might want the storm door black to make the blue door pop, but I wasn't sure whether the trim around both doors should be white or black. Here's some of the options I went through. I'd love to hear which one is your favorite!

I tried it with white trim and a white stoop, but it was all just too bright for me. I wanted something a little more dramatic and elegant to match what I've got planned for the inside.

Front Door Before & Refresh Plan -  Whitney Donáe

I tried it with the black storm door and white trim, but the contrast was more than I was looking for. Shocking, I know, since contrast is something I talk about all the time here on the blog.

Front Door Before & Refresh Plan -  Whitney Donáe

Here I just inverted the above and it is still more contrast than I'm going for, although I like it slightly better.

Front Door Before & Refresh Plan -  Whitney Donáe

I tried it with black trim and a charcoal grey storm door, but even though I like it, I'm still not sure it's what I'm going for. I didn't like it at all until I added the plants and new hardware and now it keeps growing on me every time I look at it.

Front Door Before & Refresh Plan -  Whitney Donáe

And than I tried a black storm door with black trim and a black stoop, but it all seems too dark and heavy.

Front Door Before & Refresh Plan -  Whitney Donáe

And finally! I think this is what we're going to go with. Black trim and door. I'm showing new hardware here, but we'll probably just spray paint the existing hardware. I'm looking for a lantern like pendant light. We'll refresh the paint on the iron railings and add some hanging plants and planters. 

Front Door Before & Refresh Plan -  Whitney Donáe

So tell me, which is your favorite? Although, I think I've decided, I'm still weighing some of the other options, and I'd love to hear what you guys think! 

Front Door Before & Refresh Plan -  Whitney Donáe