Five on Friday No. 009

Five on Friday No. 009

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1. When I was working on this week's mood board I came across this Etsy seller and I can't get over how beautiful the linens she makes and sells are. They are so organic looking and have that perfect aged but casual luxurious look.

2. These soft gingersnaps from Modern Honey sound like the perfect Christmas cookie and how often do you hear the words soft and gingersnap together?

3. I'll admit sometimes I can be a bit of a sceptic and have a negative outlook on life, but this podcast on "how to reprogram your brain to overcome the habits and thought patterns that have held you back for years" was very inspiring and informative. I've listened to it twice and will probably listen to it a few more times as I try to put some of it into practice. 

4. These DIY hanging plant ornaments are so pretty and would make a great holiday hostess gift!

5. I cannot stop laughing at this game. It's called poop the potato, and it's one of those party games you hate, but it makes you laugh so hard it's worth it. You can probably guess how it goes, but please do yourself a favor and go watch it.