February Mood Boards

Guys, I'm excited to be rolling out something new for the blog and those who join the email list!!! I've been mentioning and working on it the past several weeks, and I hope that it will be something fun and helpful for you guys. My goal is to create a set of mood boards each month. One mood board I'll share here on the blog and an alternate version will go out to email subscribers. (You can sign up at the end of this post!) My goal with creating and sharing these mood boards is to give you a jumping off point for designing spaces in your own home and teach through explaining my thought process behind each design. I'll link the products I use, but don't feel like you have to buy exactly that product. These boards are just to spark ideas or carry with you when you go shopping to give you direction as you pull together your own spaces. 

When you sign up for the email list, you'll get an alternate version of the mood board shared on the blog as well as each mood board, its sources, and a design synopsis in a neat PDF format to make it easy to download, save, and print.

So without further ado, let's get into the mood board for February! 

I work at a kitchen and bath company (I'll be sharing that story soon) and pass by this piece of pink marbled quartz every time I leave for the afternoon. It's so different from what I would choose for myself or what you typically see in today's trends and style that I really wanted to give myself the challenge of designing a kitchen around it. (Also, this picture I pulled from the web doesn't quite do justice to what this quartz really looks like.) With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought it would be fitting and fun for our first mood board to be centered around something pink.

February Mood Boards

Traditional & Feminine Green & Pink Kitchen

February Mood Board: Kitchen

Traditional & Feminine Green & Pink Kitchen

My Goal

For kitchen number one, I wanted it to feel a little bit formal and feminine while also having a warm cozy vibe. I chose mostly traditional elements and added some modern and rustic touches to keep things fresh and friendly.

Breaking it Down

  • I chose the green cabinets because green and pink are a classic and traditional color combo that will never go out of style. I liked the dark green for the contrast and formality it brought to the space and how it kept the kitchen from being too feminine since it usually is a family space.
  • I chose brass hardware because brass is back baby. Not your cheap yellow brass of the 90’s but rich aged brass and golden shiny and matte versions. I chose an aged brass here in a traditional style to make the kitchen feel like it’s been around for a while. Again, we’re going for traditional here. The brass also adds warmth and would really pop against the hunter green.
  • I chose a white subway tile black splash, because again, it’s traditional and classis. I also didn’t want anything that would compete with the counter top.
  • A white apron or farm sink again is classic and that vintage looking brass faucet set gives age and grace to it. I just love it!
  • I chose the round glass pendant for above the sink because I didn’t want anything that felt to heavy since we’re dealing with some darker colors here. I also didn’t want it to compete too much with the white pendants, but still made a nice statement on its own. It can lean either modern or traditional and just has a clean classic look to it.
  • I went with a rustic wood Island, to again, add some age and character to the space.
  • The white lights above the Island are where I went a little risky and maybe modern and a touch glamourous. I love these lights and the possibility of them being a great focal point and wow factor with their gold interior. They also add some light color back into the space since we’ve got some darker colors and warm woods going on
  • I chose a warm porcelain wood tile for the flooring to add more warm tones to this space. I really wanted this kitchen to have a cozy factor and I think the flooring and dark cabinets with the rustic and aged brass elements help give it that.
  • The countertop has a darker red vein running through it and I chose the rug to bring that out and again add warmth and beauty to the space.
  • Styling is a huge part of what makes any room really come alive. The glass containers are pretty, functional, and traditional and would be great for storing flour and sugar within easy reach.
  • Every room should have some green and I liked the organic feel these planters brought to the space.
  • And finally, the art. I’ve seen more people incorporating art into their kitchen and I love how it elevates the space and makes it feel special. Going back to my goal of this room having a feminine feel to it, I thought this piece of art brought some of that vibe in and complimented the other style and color elements in the room and even brought a little blue in to mix things up!


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