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Simple Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Home

Although I love the Christmas season, it can often turn into a cluttered and stressful time. Of course I love the decorations, but I believe they should be kept simple and uncluttered so that home is a reprieve from the outside hustle and bustle during this busy season. Keeping your decor simple allows for it to be a fun and festive time of decorating instead of a chore, and at the end of the season, you also won't have to dread putting so much away. Here are some ideas that are easy to pull off for the holidays as well as pretty affordable!

Use Greenery

I'm a huge fan of the greenery at Christmas time from the trees, to the garlands, to the wreaths, and to pine sprigs in vases or jars. Greenery just makes a room feel alive and fresh, and I love the natural element it adds.

Use other natural elemements

Tall sprigs of berries in vases, poinsettias, pine cones, and tall, leggy branches wrapped in lights or with ornaments hanging from them. All of these are great natural decor that you can add to your home for the holidays, and they will all carry you past the Christmas season all the way through winter! 

Candles, Christmas Lights, and Ornaments

Candles are a great way to add some festive cheer and cozy ambience and who doesn't love Christmas lights! I'm seriously thinking of stringing some above our bed like Anissa, from House Seven Blog, did in her daughter's room. I also love the dough bowl filled with ornaments The Dollar Tree as pretty ornaments that would easily and beautifully fill a bowl!

Goodwill Finds and Plans

A lot of times when I run into the thrift store, I don't find anything, but a couple of weeks ago, I made a little bit of a haul. I went into look for frames for the ongoing gallery wall project and walked out with a little bit more. I've learned you have to grab the good stuff when you see it. I'm slowly collecting things for styling a few of the areas around our apartment like the bookcases in our bed room. Here's all the goodies I raked in!

The frames will be getting painted black and hung on the gallery wall. I was pretty excited to find a couple with white mats in them!

I don't know if this is a piece of wood or a stained antler, but I liked the shape of it.

I love this green lantern/candle holder. It's kind of unique and looks antique. Not sure if it is or now, but I liked the old look of it.

And I kind of went gaga over this wooden goblet. I'm on the hunt for wooden and white accents for the shelves in our room and this was perfect!

These three things have already made it on the shelves in our room for now. The antler/wood thing and the goblet will be staying, but still deciding about the green lantern

I was really excited to find these vases, and apparently so was the little old lady who I thought was going to take them from my cart lol! They're ugly as heck right now, but they'll be getting a fresh coat of white pain along with the candlestick. I'm not sure where I'm going to put them yet but I loved the shape of them.  

I was inspired by this photo from Benjamin Moore, so when I saw these vases I just had to get them.

Image via: Benjamin Moore

Wood Photo Prints

If you're looking for something to add to your Christmas list or get for family, these photo wood block prints are it! I met Tori Angelini at a West Elm workshop in Charlotte. She does amazing work printing photos to wood as well as some other awesome wood work that I'm hoping to invest in for our home someday, hopefully before she moves back to Jersey! Here are a couple that she did for us from our engagement and wedding day.

I'm loving how they look in our apartment. I plan to hang them on the wall eventually, but I think they look pretty on the bookcases around our bed until than. I just love looking at them everyday and it's something different from the norm, which is what I really love! 

We are partnering up to offer you some amazing wood photo prints for you. If you have had a session with me in the past and would like to purchase  some of these prints for your home, email me at, and I will be happy to get you some more information. Also go check out and follow her work on Instagram here and you can see her Etsy store here to see more of her amazing work!