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Why This Room Works

Today is our first post of "Why This Space Works"! I'm hoping to make this series a regular Wednesday post on the blog where we explore different rooms and uncover what makes them beautiful and inviting spaces. My goal with these posts is to point out the nuances and design principles that make a room sing so that you can incorporate similar ideas and principles to help you make your house a home and turn it into a place you love. 

Today, I decided to tackle a kitchen since lately I've been really pinning and studying them. We're on the hunt for a house and looking for somewhat of a fixer upper. All of the houses that we've looked at online so far have needed some major kitchen help so I'm trying to educate and ready myself so that I'm not completely lost and overwhelmed when/if the time comes for us to tackle such a huge project.

If you spend any time on Pinterest at all (you can follow me here), you've probably noticed that all- or almost all- white kitchens are extremely popular. They have a bright, clean feel to them that makes them an inviting place to hang out and work in. 

And although it's no secret that I love white around here, (you can see earlier posts where I share my love of white at the bottom of this post) I'm not sure if an all white kitchen is the way I want to go. Part of me wants to branch out of my comfort zone and try something different, and also, my husband tends to like darker spaces.  Opposites attract, right? He doesn't really cook, but he is an excellent dishwasher. We have a deal that I cook and he cleans so I want him to enjoy the space too. ;) 

For this week, I chose this kitchen by Blair Harris Interior Design. It caught my eye because of the mix of white and dark and wood tones. I think a look like this is something that me and the hubs would both be happy living with. 

But let's tackle what are the elements that make this space so great. Although this is a nice spacious kitchen with a good layout, I don't want to focus on that. I want to focus on the elements that you can incorporate into the space you already have without feeling that you need to renovate and start from scratch.

1. Color Scheme 

First off, this space has a consistent and intentional color scheme. Three main colors jump out to me: the white walls, the black cabinets, and the wood beams and counter tops. When choosing a color scheme, consider first how you want the room to feel and than choose your colors and tones based off of that. The wood tones and the black cabinets give this space a warm and cozy feel and add an element of depth, while the white walls add the crisp, clean element that keeps the energy flowing in the space. 

2. Contrast Elements

Secondly, this space incorporates a lot of contrasting elements which add that pop that we're always looking for. The color scheme adds tons of contrast which gives your eyes places to land, which helps ground the space. Also, there's a ton of textural contrast going on in this space such as the smoothness of the white subway tiles contrasted with the rougher texture of the beams and the smooth white dishes contrasted against the wood grain of the shelf. The bar chairs also add a textural element. Texture, again, gives yours eyes places to land and contributes to the overall feel of the space. Even a dishtowel draped over the oven handle adds textural interest. 

3. Special Details

Thirdly, attention to details are what really make a space standout. Some of the special touches that add a lot of character and make this space sing are listed below: 

  • The Edison light bulbs add a fun, rustic, and industrial feel to the space. (I'm also wondering if there's some recessed lighting that we can't see because of how bright this space looks).
  • The brass pulls on the cabinets add some extra pizzaz and contrast well with the more rustic elements.
  • The kilim rug in front of the stove adds an extra pop of color as do the flowers and greenery on the countertops.
  • The dried goods on the counter top along with the canister of utensils all fit into the color scheme and add more textural interest. They also make the space feel lived, which a pile of dirty dishes in the sink can also do ;)
  • And lastly, I like the combination of cabinets and open shelves. I love the idea of open shelving, but it's not always the most practical. I think the combination in this space keeps the kitchen from seeming to heavy with the darker cabinets. 


What are some things that you love about this kitchen? Leave it the comments! I love hearing and learning from you! 

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We've got this biggish wall that surrounds our TV and the media stand it sits on, and I've been wanting to put a gallery wall around it since we moved in last year. I've put it off because I'm a little daunted by the task of gathering up photos and art.  I worry about not having enough stuff to hang up or gathering too much and than getting stressed because now I have to decide what to hang and what to put away. And what if I don't like the lay out or put the nails in the wrong place? (By now though, I've decided to go with command strips instead so at least that stressor is out!)

My problem is I want it to be absolutely perfect, and I let the perfectionist side of me hold me back. But I'm ready to go for it and see what I can do! So, I've been gathering some inspiration from Pinterest and various blogs. I'm so glad I took the time to gather ideas from ladies who have created some beautiful gallery walls because I learned the design I thought I wanted, which is all the edges of the frames lined up on the sides, top, and bottom (there goes that perfectionism again), is not what I really want. I want it to be more of an eclectic and "random" arrangement.

Below are some of the images that are inspiring me and giving me ideas right now. What are your tips for styling a gallery wall? Leave them in the comments below and if you have a picture of your own gallery wall, leave that as well. I'd love to see it! 

Source:  House & Home

Source: House & Home

Source:  Cup of Jo    The images on this gallery are from the same apartment as the previous gallery picture, but arranged differently. They both look great, I think! 

Source: Cup of Jo 

The images on this gallery are from the same apartment as the previous gallery picture, but arranged differently. They both look great, I think! 

Source:  Front + Main

Source: Front + Main

Source:  Remodelista

Source: Remodelista

Source:  Front + Main

Source: Front + Main

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