Capture the Art in Your Life

I love hiking. It calms me down and quiets my mind and soul. It gives me a chance to get away from the business and the noise and just enjoy the beauty around me. But sometimes, when I'm hiking, I find myself looking down at my feet instead of around me, and once I realize what I'm doing, I wonder what beauty I've missed out on. This is not a new or profound illustration, but an important one none the less. It's so easy for me to get caught up in just seeing the path ahead of me in life and watching my steps that I forget to stop and soak in the beauty that I am blessed to be a part of every day. Stop to soak in the beauty around you. Capture the art in your life. Whether it's in your mind, your heart, your journal, or sketch book, or on your camera, or whatever way brings you joy-capture it. 

Here are some images taken on my phone from our family hike this past Sunday for you to enjoy :)