Back to Basics Series Introduction

I don’t know about you, but I get bogged down and bored in the technical side of things. I just want to create beautiful spaces. I firmly believe, though, that understanding the “why” of something enables creators to create better and expands rather than constricts the imagination.

When it comes to decorating, I don’t think that you always have to play by the rules, but knowing and understanding the rules gives you a solid foundation to spring from. If you know and understand the rules, then you’ll have a better idea of knowing when you can break them successfully and create something unexpected but still pleasing to the senses.

The Code  - Guidelines

My goal and desire for this blog is to create a valuable resource and base of knowledge that will enable people to create a beautiful home and environment for their family.

With all that being said, I am starting an ongoing series that I’m calling “Back to Basics” In this series, we’ll explore the fundamental principles and elements of great design and also address questions like “How do I know what size rug to choose for my room?” My hope is that this series will be fun and informative, and boost your confidence as you design and decorate your home.

For the first five weeks we’ll be focusing on the 6 fundamentals of great design. You can look for these posts on Mondays. I’m super excited to roll this out next week, and hope you guys enjoy it!

Whitney Donáe - Back to Basics Intro