A Quick Entry/Kitchen Before & After


The living/kitchen space in our apartment is all combined and opened with extremely tall ceilings. I love the tall ceilings and openness because it takes away some of that apartment feel, and makes it feel more lofty. As you can see below, we have these "doorways" side by side, and I've been looking for some boat paddles to hang above them ever since we moved in to create kind of a vignette in this place instead of it looking like a big, empty space with no personality. 

Kitchen before paddles

 I love the beach and the lake, and Kendall and I are always dreaming about a lake house someday.  While I don't want to go all anchors aweigh or big mouth billy bass with the decor, I like to bring subtle hints of the lake/ocean vibe into our place. I had been eyeing some boat paddles from Pottery Barn, but they weren't quite the style I was looking for and neither was the price.

After a year in our place I came across some boat paddles at Ross and they were well worth the wait, and the cost was more up my alley. Patience definitely pays off!  I love the colors of the blues, yellows, and whites which ties in perfect with the color scheme, which I shared with you last week. (You can see it here)


Kitchen after paddles

I love how they bring this space together! I also pulled a wooden salad bowl that we got for our wedding out of storage to hold our fruit for now until I can find a wood trough that I have in mind that fits our style and budget. I've got a few more ideas for this space to make it really shine, and I can't wait to share them with you as we pull it together! 


We can put nails in our walls, but try to avoid it  so we  hung the paddles with command strips. I'm not gonna lie, they make me a little nervous, so If you think about it, pray they don't come crashing down and kill us or a guest. ;)