How Whitken & Co. Plans to Give Back

I’ve had something heavy on my heart for a while now, and I’ve spent a lot of time looking and pondering for an answer. I knew this idea was something I couldn’t do on my own or out of my own pocket, although if I could, I totally would have jumped on it by now. I’m glad I haven’t had the means to do it on my own though because the more I think about it, the more I realize how much bigger and better it can be if others get to be involved.

If you’ve been following along recently, you know that we’ve started emphasizing the idea of creating healing spaces here at Whitken & Co.. I’m going to share more of my story and exactly what we mean by that soon, but the thing that’s been sitting heavy on my heart is this question:

“What about those families or individuals who can’t afford to hire an interior designer to create that space for them?"

Even an affordable interior designer? And/or they may not have the time, money, energy, or expertise to do it themselves?

How Whitken & Co. Plans to GIve Back

Sure, we can sit here and say that if someone really wants something they will always find a way, and a lot of times that’s true. But sometimes, sometimes, there really and truly just isn’t a way. I want to help those families and individuals too. (And let’s be honest, design is considered a luxury not a necessity. Although, I think I could argue that point. )

There are people I can think of right now who are going through some really tough things. They’re taking their kids to the doctor and watching them suffer and waiting and hoping for answers or they’re going through a divorce and their life and living situation are all up in the air right now, or they’re adopting and waiting to bring their kids home or they’ve lost a loved one and need a fresh start or . . .you name it. I’m sure we can all think of someone. They’re time, energy, and money are all being stretched thinner than they ever thought possible. These are the people who need for their home to be that beautiful, healing space. A place that feels like a breath of fresh air and also a warm hug.

They need that place to come to after hours in the hospital or lawyers office where they can catch their breath and rest. Or maybe they need to be able to walk into that kids room and imagine the memories that are going to be made there and have their hope renewed. Or maybe they need their couch styled with a warm throw and some comfortable pillows to sink into when the grief just seems like too much.

How Whitken & Co. Plans to Give Back

So, what is Whitken & Co. going to do about this? How are we going to reach these individuals and families?

  • Well, starting now, 10% of profits will be going into a fund to save for creating those healing spaces for these families and individuals.
  • We are going to start reaching out to companies and contractors to partner with us in this endeavor.
  • We will offer ways that the community that a particular family or individual is already a part of can help out.
  • You and others will have the opportunity to nominate yourself or families/individuals that you know to receive rooms/home makeovers.
  • And you will have the chance to donate to projects and stories that you connect with and help others in need.
How Whitken & Co. Plans to Give Back

It’s always been my hope that Whitken & Co. would be much bigger than just creating beautiful spaces. Although we love doing that, (like really, really love it) we want it to be much more than that!

So, those are the beginning ideas and stages of how we hope to give back. We’d love to hear your thoughts or ideas. We are just in the beginning stages here and would love to hear your feedback!

Our Mission:

Whitken & Co. exists to help individuals and families create beautiful, functional, and healing spaces to live, work, play in, and share with others.