3 Design Shows on Netflix That I'm Really Digging Right Now

We’ve opted to just have Netflix in our home for now to save money and also time.  Really the only reason that cable or anything like that is tempting for me is because I would love access to HGTV and The Food Network. I’d never leave my couch if I had access to those shows!

I have recently discovered quite a few design shows on Netflix, and am loving them! I’m learning so much about home design and also how to interact with clients in a business and personal manner. Below are three of the shows that I’m really digging right now.

No. 1: Fixer Upper

This is by far my favorite, and I can’t watch this show without Kendall because he loves it too and gets offended if I don’t pause it for him when he gets up to get dinner seconds! Chip and Joanna Gaines embrace the motto of“work hard and be kind.” They are so personal and kind in their business, and their mission goes beyond just creating pretty spaces. I also love that they are so family oriented.

Although Joanna’s style is a little more farm house than I generally lean towards, it is still really beautiful and I’ve learned so much from watching and listening to her present her visions to clients. Whenever I walk into anywhere now, I’m always analyzing where I would knock down a wall or add French doors to open up a space. ;)

I also love that they are from my home state of Texas and it makes me really want pick up and move back there so I can meet them in person and get to know them!

You can learn more about Chip and Joanna and read Joanna's blog here.

No. 2: Dear Genevieve

This show takes place in a whole different part of the country than Texas.  Filmed in the East Coast, mostly in New York, this show’s style is a lot more big city than rural. Gen, as she is called on the show, is also very kind and encouraging with her clients. I love seeing the difference in how she guides her clients through the process in contrast with how the Gaines guide their clients through the process.  It’s interesting to see how she takes her clients outside of their comfort zones, and guides them from a place of fear to amazement. 

One thing I’ve noticed with both Gen and Joanna is that when they have a really “difficult” client, they embrace that client and let the client know that they are excited and love a challenge. You can just see the clients relax because they’ve been accepted and respected for who they are and what they’d like their home to be, and it’s cool to see that client/designer trust built in what could be a difficult or awkward situation.

You can learn more about Genevieve and read her blog here.

No. 3: Design on a Dime

This show is a lot of fun, because it shows just how much you can do on a small budget if you get creative and think outside the box. This show takes us to the West Coast of California where Casey Noble uses her young and color bursting style and innovative diy’s to help clients on a budget turn their spaces from drab to fab. Each episode, she and her partner on the show, Joel, take a high-end look and create it for less. Some of the diy’s require power tools and aren’t feasible for everyone, but Casey shares a ton of ideas that anyone can do in a small space and with few fancy gadgets.

You can learn more about Casey and her show here.

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