Four Reasons I Journal

I've journaled off and on for as long as I can remember. I remember as a kid seeing my Meme write in her notebooks at night and sometimes she'd read portions of what she wrote to me. She wrote mostly about stuff on the farm and family that she wanted to remember or record for future generations. I was inspired by her to write and also by reading books such as the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, and just my love of writing and pen and paper in general. There is magic in words, and I'm a sucker for a nice pen and leather journal. My journals have gone from the "Dear Diary" type over the years to more of a record of my thoughts or feelings. Below are four reasons why I journal at this stage in my life.

1. To dump the garbage

We've all got it. The crap that builds up in our hearts and minds and hinders us from being the best we can be. When the pressures of life and all the anxieties and frustrations start building up inside I find it hard to create, hard to invest positively in my relationships with others, and hard to just manage life in general. It helps me to just dump it all on the page. I try not to worry about what my writing sounds like at this point or what people will think if they ever read it. (And I really hope they don't. This is not material I want read at my funeral.) The point is just to get it all our of my system so that I can begin to think clearly. It's dirty and it's ugly, but it helps.

2. To gain clarity

Dumping the garbage helps me start thinking clearly again. I can start to see areas where I may have been thinking or acting wrongly, and I can start seeing the steps I should take to make things better. Dumping all the garbage also opens up my mind to creative possibilities again and helps motivate me to keep pursuing life and my dreams.

3. To organize my thoughts. 

With the garbage dumping and the clarity comes the ability to better organize my thoughts and think right first of all, but than also to come up with action plans for life, creating, and business.

4. To grow

As painful as it is to go back and reach some of those journal entries, every few months I do. A lot of times it reveals flaws that weren't obvious at the time and helps me grow as a person. Often times when I'm dumping that garbage those flaws are revealed, but it helps to go back every once in while and remember some of the lessons I've learned and to keep seeing things I need to work on to become the best I can be.

What are some reasons you journal? Leave it in the comments below :)

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