5 Ways to Pray for Yourself and Others

I was reading through Ephesians 3 last week and verses 14-21 stood out to me in a way they hadn't before. I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like my prayers are weak. Not that God doesn't still love and hear those prayers, but He did give us examples of prayer in Scripture for a reason. I was struck by the power of Paul's prayer for the church in Ephesians and realized I want the things he prays for in my life as well as in the life of those I love. Here are 5 things that Paul prays for the Ephesians and that you can pray for yourself and others.

1. That they would be strengthened with power through God's Spirt in their inner being

2. That Christ would dwell in their hearts through faith

3. That they would be rooted and grounded in love

4. That they would have the strength to comprehend the breadth, and length, and height and depth, of the love of Christ 

5. That they would be filled with all the fullness of God

That is some pretty powerful stuff! Can you imagine the transformation in your life and the life of those you love if we prayed for these things? What prayers in Scripture inspire you? Leave it in the comments below.