Making Gratitude a Lifestyle

Well another Monday is here, folks. A lot of you are probably looking at your crazy packed summer schedule and wondering when you’re supposed to get your housework in or wishing you could hire somebody to do the grocery shopping and cooking for you or wondering when the day will be that you will actually get to relax on your family vacation. You might be heading out to a job that you less than love, and telling yourself that if you can just make it through this day that you’ll be okay.

Just get through it. That’s what I’ve told myself so many times when I have to crawl out of bed and head out to my bank job. I’ve talked a couple of times here on the blog about how I’ve struggled with discouragement and depression and made it my personal project to choose gratitude in my everyday life. Let me tell you, it is not easy. It’s easy to be grateful when my toes are dipped in the pool or I’m getting to edit photos or blog. Those things I love. But being grateful when the apartment looks like it threw up on itself, I’ve got to interrupt my workflow because dinner and groceries are calling, the laundry hasn’t been folded in two weeks, or I’ve got to leave the work I love for the work that I don’t, well that is not quite so easy.

In her book, Choosing Gratitude, Nancy Leigh DeMoss states that “Gratitude is a lifestyle. A hard-fought, grace-infused, biblical lifestyle.” And like any good and healthy lifestyle choice it takes commitment, exercise, and patient perseverance.

I’ve been working really hard at being grateful for my job. I tell myself at least I have a job. At least I’ve got benefits. At least I’ve got the schedule I’d hoped for, At least it’s helping us pay our bills and do things. But I realized, I haven’t actually been thanking God personally for His provision.  Nancy also says that “To ‘express appreciation’ means that what’s in our heart needs to come out! It means being intentional about thanking God and others for the blessings that come our way.” 

So this week, I’m not just going to say that I’m grateful for my job or all the other things that get under my skin or in the way of my plans, but I’m going to work on actually thanking God for all that He has brought into my life, including my job, the dishes and laundry.

I’m going to leave you with one last quote from Nancy before I sign off and head out for my day job. “To ‘recognize’ what we receive each day, the eyes of our heart must be open and alert. This means constantly being on the lookout for blessings, making each day a treasure hunt.”

Happy treasure hunting friends, and may you have a grateful grace-infused week!