I Love Weeds

No, not weed. Weeds with an "s."

As a part of my #choosinggratitudeproject, I went out and shot some "weeds" this morning. These flowers, although they are surrounded by some scraggly tall grass and someone's Bojangles trash brighten my day as I head out for work at my part-time job each day. They remind me of the fields at our house that used to be covered for a time by these yellow flowers, or "weeds" as my grandad and dad called them. My bedroom growing up had 4 bay window that looked out to our front two pastures and I loved waking up each day and seeing those "fields of gold." That's what I liked to think of them as. Eventually Dad or Papa would make it out there with a tractor and mow them down so that good grass would grow for the cows and because they thought the pasture looked prettier without all those "weeds." Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess ;) I hope you enjoy these flower images and don't forget to look for the little sparks of beauty that are around you and be grateful. 

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